Samsun Metropolitan Municipality in Turkey from a first ... "Disabled in ukome"

Samsun in Turkey, was a first gerceklesmesi disabled Umeda ukon
Samsun in Turkey, was a first gerceklesmesi disabled Umeda ukon

The Samsun Metropolitan Municipality, a first in Turkey. At the Disadvantaged Groups Consultation Meeting organized by Samsun Metropolitan Municipality Transportation Department, a decision was made for the participation of a representative of the disabled association at the UKOME meetings.

Disadvantaged Groups Consultation Meeting organized by Samsun Metropolitan Municipality Transportation Department was held with the participation of representatives of many disabled associations. During the meeting, chaired by Kadir Gürkan, the Head of the Transportation Department, the decision of “the participation of a representative of a disabled association at the Samsun Transportation Coordination Center (UKOME) meetings” was announced to the representatives of the disabled associations. The representatives of the association, who welcomed the decision, said, “We congratulate the Metropolitan Municipality. We want this decision to set an example for all municipalities. ”

In addition to Kadir Gürkan, the Head of the Metropolitan Municipality Transportation Office, the Directorate of Transportation Department, the managers and staff of the Directorate of Transportation, the representatives of the Samsun Private Public Bus Association and the representatives of the Samsun Public Public Bus Association. Managers and members of disadvantaged associations operating in Istanbul attended.

Stating that the disadvantaged groups have consulted about the problems and expectations they encounter in transportation and bring the service and service providers together, Kadir Gürkan said, “As Samsun Metropolitan Municipality Transportation Department, we have carried out studies on public transportation in Samsun. We constantly conduct consultations with both the citizens who receive the service and the transportation actors that serve, and we are working both sustainable and feasible. We have organized such a meeting for the disadvantaged groups living in our city today and we discussed the problems and expectations together. ”

Saying that consultation meetings will continue, Kadir Gürkan said, “In these meetings, we listen to the requests and demands of our disabled people firsthand and try to find solutions. We decided to hold our next meeting at the Metropolitan Municipality Blue Lights Education Recreation Rehabilitation Center. In addition, we have determined 1 principal and 1 substitute representative from disadvantaged group associations to participate in UKOME meetings. This representative will have the opportunity to express the expectations and suggestions of our disabled citizens by attending UKOME meetings every month. I would like to thank the non-governmental organization managers and members of the disadvantaged groups who conveyed their opinions and suggestions to us by participating in our meeting, and their members, and the institutions, organizations and business officials serving public transportation. ”

The event was attended located and identified by name will represent people with disabilities in ukome Samsun Disabled Association branch president Auspicious Hakyemez, "which is a first for Greater those applications in Turkey Municipality and Transportation We thank our Office of the Presidency. It provides 101 bus transportation services for disabled people in Samsun. We make good use of them. Especially in trams, the officers are very helpful to us. We have a say in UKOME now. ”

Samsun Akbulut, the President of the Samsun Federation for the Disabled (SAMEF), who is another name attending the meeting, said, “I attach great importance to our representation in UKOME to meet the disabled. Our representation in such decision-making centers is a very important step. Therefore, we congratulate and thank the Metropolitan Municipality. We had to have a representative defending the rights of the disabled in both UKOME and municipalities. We wish this decision to set an example for our mayors to be elected on the eve of the election. ”

Commenting on the decision taken and the meeting held, Samsun Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Zihni Şahin said, “We have always expressed that we are ready to do whatever we can do to make our disabled citizens' lives easier and make them hug more tightly. We set an example for the whole country by launching the "50 percent discount in water" application for all our disabled citizens. Helping our disabled citizens in all areas of life, especially transportation, and making their lives easier is among our most important duties. It is therefore important that they will be represented at UKOME. We will continue to act in a way that meets their special needs without separating our disabled citizens from the society due to their disabilities. ”

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