Hyundai Rotem to Manufacture 213 Vehicles for Warsaw

hyundai rotem warsova to produce 213 vehicle
hyundai rotem warsova to produce 213 vehicle

Special News - Hyundai Rotem 231, which offers the best offer to the tender for Warsaw Trolley run by Warsaw Municipality, won the low-floor tramcar supply. South Korean vehicle manufacturer 1.85 billion Zloty (Approx. 430 million EURO) will be supplied in a short time such as 22 months. Also, according to the contract, all vehicles must be delivered to October 2022.

The tender covering the 213 tool was launched at the September 2018. The tender came from four companies. CAF and Siemens were not involved in the tender due to the short lead time, and the consortium consisting of Stadler and Solaris was eliminated for the supply time. Pesa offered a lot more than the average cost.

The Warsaw Tramway operation opened the same auction in August and canceled the tender for the high bid from Skoda.

About Hyundai Rotem

Hyundai Rotem is generally known as a company which produces vehicles for conventional lines and subways, but the company's production of 38 pieces of tram vehicles for İzmir played an important role in winning this tender. In addition, new tram cars produced for the Antalya tramway have already been delivered!


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