TÜDEMSAŞ Flame at the Summit of Kazdağlar (Photo Gallery)

Flags of the Summit of TÜDEMSAŞ Kazdaglari: Turkey Mountaineering martyrs is traditionally held every year in March, the Federation 18 to mention climbing Sivas Search and Rescue Nature Sports Club (SİVDAK) 11 people joined the team. SİVDAK members represented the company by opening the banner of TUDEMSAS during the trip to the Dardanelles and climbing the Kazdaglari.

18 March Martyrs Week activities carried out under the Çanakkale Travel and Ida Mountain Climbing Turkey joined the people from the general 235. Sivas Nature Sports Search and Rescue Club (SİVDAK) members also represented Sivas and TÜDEMSAŞ in this activity. Turkey Mountaineering Federation President Alaattin Karaca attended by several provinces to climb as the heads of the Nature Sports Club was accompanied.

Mountaineering Federation of Turkey, to which the Sarıkamış Martyrs performs every year in December 17 Allahuekber climb the mountain.

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