'City Without Cars Day' Held in Izmir

The people of İzmir experienced a pleasant day in the second Kordon which was closed to motor vehicle traffic within the framework of keyifli Automobile-Free City Day İzmir. Pedestrians and bicyclists move freely on the street instead of the horn sound music and children rose.

Izmir Metropolitan Municipality organized ye Automobile-Free City Day sen at the European Mobility Week organized with the aim of ”Establishing livable and healthy cities with the adoption of environmentally sensitive, sustainable transportation types İzmir. Part of the Second Cord was closed to motor vehicle traffic for one day. In order to reduce carbon emission and to draw attention to human health issues, the street, which was cleaned from vehicle traffic, was enchanted with children who participated in the activities such as sand painting, face painting, thai thai bicycle, inflatable pyramid and train activities. In the workshop area, mask, ebru, toy making workshops received great attention. Izmir Metropolitan Municipality Bandos was replaced by the noise of the motor and horn on the street colored by puppetry, pantomime and graffiti shows.

Healthy transportation
16 - 22 The opening ceremony of the European Mobility Week, which was celebrated between September, started with a cortege walk. Izmir Metropolitan Municipality Band accompanied the actual walk, the EU Delegation Head Ambassador Christian Berger, the European Commission Head of Cabinet Mateja Zakonjsek, Turkey Union of Municipalities of the Secretary-General Hayrettin Güngör, Izmir Metropolitan Municipality Assembly Members Muzaffer Tunçağ and Izmir Metropolitan Municipality Secretary General Dr. Buğra Gökçe also attended. Following the march, the program continued with opening speeches. Secretary General of the Association of Municipalities of Turkey Hayrettin Güngör, European Mobility Week is celebrated in many parts of the world since the year 2002, in the Type KIYEM Izmir Metropolitan Municipality said that he was led to this celebration. European Commission President Mateja Zakonjsek Cabinet, they are trying to promote healthy transport in Europe and Turkey, Izmir, in the use of public transportation subway, trolley, ferry, he said it was important the evaluation alternatives such as cycling. Izmir Metropolitan Municipality Council Member Muzaffer Tuncag, Izmir Metropolitan Municipality rail system investments with the 11 kilometers of 180 kilometers to the network today, and the investment is carried out on the goal of reducing carbon emissions in the city, he said. The head of the EU Delegation, Ambassador Christian Berger, stated that the Izmir Metropolitan Municipality is a good partner in the European Mobility Week and that they have seen different models in this city.

After the speeches, the Zumba and Pilates shows and the “No Bike City Day Bike Tour Konuş were held. Taking the bicycles taking part in the tour, the people of İzmir gave the message of clean environment. The popular radio programmer, Nihat Sirdar, also made live broadcasts to encourage people to use sustainable transport methods such as walking or cycling in the pedestrian zone.



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