Bursaray will extend to Görükle and City Hospital in 2019

bursaray 2019da gorukle and will extend to the city hospital
bursaray 2019da gorukle and will extend to the city hospital

Alinur Aktaş, the Mayor of Bursa Metropolitan Municipality, who has made huge investments to remove Uluabat Lake and the Marmara Sea from pollution, provides a relief in traffic with smart junction applications and road expansions in the last year said that in the 2026, important investments in all areas from tourism to urban economy will be given.

Mayor Alinur Aktas, who took office at November 2017 in Bursa Metropolitan Municipality, evaluated 2018 in terms of municipal services and gave hints about 2019 Bursa. In the context of the emergency plan of transportation, President Aktaş said that they produced local solutions with small touches to the traffic problem and reminded that they continued the projects which are continuing in line with the budget realities, without slowing down. President Aktaş stated that they provided a smart junction in road intersections where traffic came to a halt at peak times and provided a sensible relief with road expansions. In all of our districts, we performed 2018 mileage hot asphalt pavement and 210 kiln surface coating during the season. Of course, it is not possible to solve the traffic problem with the arrangements at the current intersections. For this, we are working meticulously on the transportation master plan that targets the 350 year. 2035 will be a year in which projects which have not been seen so far are being implemented in Bursa, from multi-storey roads to new transportation expropriations. The extension of the railway system from university to Görükle, from Emek to the City Hospital and the integration of the T2019 line into the normal system at the City Square will be one of our priorities at 2. Ray

Target 2026

Bursa as population 3 million approaching, Turkey's second largest exporter, a city you 1-2 expression that may be conveyed to the future with annual planning President Aktas, so the year xnumx'ünc the conquest of Bursa said they achieved the goal area 700 City Envisioning work. 'Traffic and transport', 'city traditions and urban consciousness', 'economy' and 'city and communication' voicing the determination of the city in accordance with the President Aktaş said, '' Bursa, not our own mind, we have to transform our minds according to Bursa. We will realize the urban transformation with a great consensus and common mind to carry the ancient Bursa into the future. We will make our city a city with the identity of producing culture and art. As the people of Bursalılar family, neighbors, our street, your neighborhood and our city will take care of, Bur he said.

Smart city with high technology

Expressing that they will use high technology in the solution of the city's common problems, especially in transportation, and that they will invest in this area, President Aktaş said, "We will develop smart applications for the efficient use of our resources without turning into a technology dump with the use of domestic and national technology, and we will create 'Smart Bursa' together. We will spread smart city planning activities that will provide time, cost and quality advantages to our citizens in their daily lives and make them safer in all areas of life. Bursa, one of its riches kazanhe will see. We know that industry is the door to abundance. We will grow our industry even more, but we will do this without polluting our air, water and soil.”

Quality will be crowned with brands

Stating that Bursa is an important production base especially in textile and automotive, and that the success achieved in design and quality will become more valuable with branding, President Aktaş said ü We will open our agricultural production to the world. High added value in agriculture is possible only through systems that guarantee healthy food and branding. In particular, within the scope of the integrated agricultural industry, we will support the works necessary for the development of agricultural machinery and supplier industry. In order to make possible an ecosystem in which agricultural production, agricultural industry and trade develop as a whole, we have rolled up the arms and we will implement what is necessary. We will use our savings in the furniture sector to become a global brand. In this respect, it will be our priority to provide success in design and quality by cooperating with the necessary institutions. Bursa has to produce the technology it needs with its industry and academic knowledge. The existing potential of Bursa is strong enough to provide the necessary conditions for producing the technology it needs. This city will benefit from the speed and automation of technology with the common intelligence of the educated intellectuals, opinion leaders, business people, academics, artists, shopkeepers, housewives and students. Bu

We will draw attention to Bursa

Expressing that he would get the share he wished for in the tourism cake of Bursa, Chairman Aktaş said, et We waited a lot in tourism. It is no longer with scattered effort, organized by a tourism study, not only in Bursa, Turkey, have to offer the world's attention. We will give full support to all the works to open the rich and established Bursa cuisine to the world. We will be a city that can melt the tourism of nature, sea, history, culture, health, thermal, agriculture and faith. Being a Bursa where business world will have to reserve a place to organize congresses and fairs is never a dream. We will make Bursa safe and reliable. Those who add to their trade already have no place in Bursa. In this regard, we will do as all the people of Bursa. 700 annual bazaar-tradesmen tradition developed in their own places for a Bursa has been done many studies. We will continue this work. 2026 2026 XNUMX Agency will work with the aim of delivering the location of the tourism cake until the year to reach the right place and we will establish the XNUMX Agency will carry out the work in the field of tourism from a single center, X he said.

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