A Wonderful Winter Holiday With Eastern Express

1 with a wonderful kingsome holiday
1 with a wonderful kingsome holiday

Would you like to meet the Eastern Express which makes the most beautiful voyage of Anatolia instead of going to Uludağ every winter? Exactly complete the 1310 kilometer in 24.5 hours and you can make a great winter holiday by TCDD.

Starting from Ankara, the last stop of this train, which runs on Kırıkkale, Kayseri, Sivas, Erzincan, Erzurum and Kars main line respectively, is Kars. In Erzurum, this holiday will be exploded at a very reasonable price.


If you look at the current prices and travel in Pulman tickets will start from 47 TL. Ticket fees vary depending on your trip type. For covered travel, you pay 63,50 TL, for sleeping cars you pay maximum 116 TL. 96 is the number one sleep for single persons, while 2 is more than $ 116.

Ticket prices are also subject to discounts. If you are a student, you can purchase ticket prices with a discount of% 20. 60 passengers at the age of 50 receive a discount of% XNUMX and can benefit from the same discount rate.


18: 00 from Ankara Railway Station and 18: 30 to the train station on the next day 24.5 XNUMX'den this journey takes exactly XNUMX hours. This means that there is a time period during which you can sleep. So if you are traveling to Kars with Eastern Express, my suggestion is to use a sleeper.

Sleepers are designed for two people. There are two bunk-shaped beds, one wardrobe, one mini fridge, one sink (but no toilet, the toilets as common area).


There are wagons in the train. These wagons are like a restaurant consisting of four tables. All of the meals are from a private establishment. But the prices are quite reasonable. You pay a price like 6,5 TL for a hamburger, and you can make a very convenient payment like 2,5 TL for drinks. Breakfast plate for those who want to have breakfast. The price of this plate starts at a very reasonable price such as 9 TL. If you want a breakfast platter you have to reserve a hangover. Because 26 breakfast plate is offered.

If you do not want to give money to the restaurant inside the wagon, you can carry your own food with you. It is also possible to place alcoholic beverages in the wagon. For this reason, the Eastern Express is also used for many romantic marriage proposals.

You can prepare a snack bag with breakfast products, sandwich breads, a variety of sweet and savory snacks, and you can store and store food in your home oven. Take lots of water with you. We recommend you to keep your kettle with you because it is possible to make your own products such as tea, coffee and hot chocolate by bringing kettle with you.


As it is known, smoking is prohibited in train trips, but you can smoke in your own wagon by asking permission from other passengers. Do not forget to ask people who are staying in your side rooms whether they use cigarettes or not. If you don't use them but don't bother, you can easily smoke in your wagon.

Toilet use is common. As there are more than one 7 room in the sleepers, the toilet is not difficult to use. Of course, this situation, although depending on the person who used the toilet in general, we can say that the toilet problem in the train.


Yes, it is possible to travel with your pet on the Eastern Express! But you have to meet some conditions for this. You should also buy tickets for your pets. These tickets are on sale at% 50. After purchasing this ticket, you can make your trip on the train.


Keep in mind that this experience will be a wonderful moment if you have never traveled by train.

The train runs through the morning hours of the 24.5 hour route, with the most beautiful views. Therefore, be careful not to wake up early or sleep at all.

There is no idea of ​​where to visit Kars. If you are going to Kars with Eastern Express, you should have a two-day holiday plan. You should try it suddenly. The ruins, Çıldır Lake and Kars Castle have places to visit and admire.

Kars cuisine is a very spacious kitchen. You must try this cuisine. (Human social)

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