Fines of 799 Thousand Liras for the Ship Polluting the Sea in Antalya

799 thousand pounds punishment aboard the sea
799 thousand pounds punishment aboard the sea

Antalya Metropolitan Municipality Directorate of Environmental Health teams, the sea of ​​marine pollution, which is determined to cause the Panama bandarite ship 799 thousand 95 was fined.

Antalya Metropolitan Municipality Environmental Protection Control Department Presidency of Environmental Health is continuing its inspections against the pollution caused by sea vehicles in Antalya Bay. During the inspections, it was found that the dry cargo vessel named 1382 greyhound Naci Atabey discharged its bilge in Antalya Port Akdeniz Liman area and caused pollution. Based on the Environmental Law 2872, an administrative fine of 799 thousand 95 was applied to the ship.

Citizens who are sensitive to the issue in order to remain blue in the Mediterranean can report their complaints about marine pollution to the 249 52 00 of the Antalya Metropolitan Municipality Environmental Health Branch Directorate. While metropolitan teams consider the complaints related to marine pollution with sensitivity, they continue to work on the protection of the Gulf of Antalya from land and sea pollution.

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