Traffic Problem in Recruits is Solved with 500 Million Investment

traffic problem in beginners is invested in 500 million
traffic problem in beginners is invested in 500 million

Mayor of Bursa Metropolitan Municipality Alinur Aktas, the 950 bed hospital with the activation of the traffic in the Acemler and Dikkaltirim region will increase even more by recalling, around the stadium with the expropriations, viaducts and connection roads around the region should be invested at least 500 million TL in the region, he said.

Mayor of Bursa Metropolitan Municipality Alinur Aktaş met with citizens in Dikkaldırım neighborhood this morning as part of the abundance table event. President Aktaş who made morning prayers at Hicret Mosque and made breakfast with citizens. Citizens who transferred problems to President Aktas after breakfast, complained most of the problems caused by fans especially alcohol match days. Mr. Aktaş stated that they would make necessary contacts at the point of eliminating the complaints not directly within the Metropolitan Service area and also gave information about the ongoing viaduct and connection road works in the region.

500 million investment

Aktas, who explained the ongoing and planned projects on the map in the stadium and the novices region, underlined that the stadium occupies the area where the stadium occupies the Ministry of Youth and Sports and that at least 300 million TL must be expropriated. Referring to the traffic intensity of match days, President Aktas said, una Matches are played every two weeks. I'm not saying why it was done. Whosoever shall do, may Allah bless. Consider the opening of the hospital with the 950 bed. 7 days in the hospital will be 24 hours movement. Although the stadium does not have a load. There is a more regular circulation in the hospital. 30-40 is distributed in the stadium at the same time. We continue our efforts to relieve this region. We're doing the viaduct. 11 will be connected to September road, Izmir road. We need to make it a very alternative. With existing widths, it is not possible to overcome this problem with existing roads. I say sincerely, this is one of our most important assignments. But the trouble is great. As of now, including the roads and expropriations, the cost of dealing here 500 million pounds. However, you will appreciate that Bursa is not just Acemler. We are also responsible for Keles Kiranislar, from Terziler of Yenisehir. At this point, we have to take a series step. We have experience. We will have our moves to make Bursa more livable. At this point, we want to be a prayer of our citizens do not have another account, Bu he said.

Mental transformation is needed

Reminding that the building of 5 floors in Bursa has been demolished and replaced by 12 floors, Mayor Aktaş reminded that Bursa needs social and mental transformation first. Speaking with one example, President Aktaş said,, Now let's make a dream together. 3 million in Bursa Let everyone move to Balıkesir and Manisa. Let us set up a new Bursa and bring everyone back and forth the next morning. Believe we can only solve 10 - 15 percent of problems. Because even when the houses are distributed, there is a fight. Somebody said I was on the third floor, now it's the first floor. One says my house sees the south now does not see. For this reason, we need social and mental transformation. At this point, we are revising our plans to enlarge the city. However, if you have a roadmap, predict, if you have a plan, you will be successful Ancak.

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