DHMİ: X 18,7 Million Passengers Served in October DH

dhmi in October served 187 million passengers
dhmi in October served 187 million passengers

The General Directorate of State Airports Authority (DHMI) announced the airplane, passenger and freight statistics for October of 2018.

Accordingly, in October of 2018;

Airplane traffic landing and taking-off to airports was 75.583 on domestic lines and 61.332 on international lines.

Overflight traffic in the same month was 42.384. Thus, total air traffic served on the airway reached 179.299 with overpasses.

Turkey in general domestic passenger traffic in airports this month 9.210.319, 9.498.847 was contours traffic. Thus, the total passenger traffic with direct transit passengers in October was realized as 18.722.210.

Airport traffic (cargo, mail and baggage) traffic; As of October, it reached 347.982 in total.

Mobility in Istanbul Atatürk and Istanbul Sabiha Gökçen airports continued in October.

Istanbul Atatürk Airport passenger traffic, 1.640.485 on the inner line, 4.356.309 on the outside even in total 5.996.794 was realized.

Istanbul Sabiha Gokcen Airport passenger traffic is 1.873.573 in total, including 1.050.984 and 2.924.557.

According to 2018 Year End of October (10 monthly) realizations;

The total aircraft traffic served (including overpasses) reached 1.731.048, total passenger traffic (including direct transit), 182.709.862, and cargo (Cargo + Mail + Baggage) traffic to 3.257.642.

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