Cooperation between TÜDEMSAŞ and Swedish Flexiwagon in Wagon Production

cooperation between tudemsas and wiry flexiwagon production
cooperation between tudemsas and wiry flexiwagon production

📩 06/11/2018 10:16

The Swedish Flexiwagon company wants to produce their own heavy duty wagon in cooperation with TÜDEMSAŞ. It is aimed to provide the trucks with heavy tonnage vehicles such as trucks, buses and military vehicles without having to get into the traffic obstruction and to ensure their shipment more efficiently and safely. The car on the railroad can make the transition from the rail to the highway without the need for any ramps.

Turkey's best-equipped wagon manufacturing company attracts the attention of the international rail company TÜDEMSAŞ Turkey. TÜDEMSAŞ is proud to present our country in international railway fairs, which has made its name in Baku-Tbilisi-Kars (BTK) line and European countries. Meeting with TUDEMSAŞ officials at the Innotrans Fair held in Berlin / Germany on September 2017, the Swedish Flexiwagon company came to Sivas to see the production sites of the company. The founder and CEO of Flexiwagon company who visited TÜDEMSAŞ, Jan Eriksson, Hanna Eriksson and Ouzine Kettane, TÜDEMSAŞ General Manager Mehmet Başoğlu gave information about the products produced in TÜDEMSAŞ and the production capacity of the company. After the meeting, Jan Eriksson, Hanna Eriksson and Ouzine Kettane, Mehmet Başoğlu and technical staff accompanied them to visit the factories and learn about the production line.

Jan Eriksson, CEO of Flexiwagon, said they were very pleased to see TÜDEMSAŞ as an environmentally friendly factory and would be pleased to do business with such a large and well-equipped company. Developed parts of the body they want cars to be produced in Turkey and TÜDEMSAŞ gave information about the cars planned to be produced Eriksson said that it has such potential. This car, which is thought to reduce the expenses of heavy vehicle users and reduce the costs of the companies, is to prevent delays caused by traffic density. predicted to fall. Sweden-Turkey carried interest of many countries in the world to see these cars is planned to be produced with the cooperation and exports are among the targets.

Following the talks, a “EOI / Memorandum of Understanding” was signed between Flexiwagon and TÜDEMSAŞ. Following the completion of the preparations, production is planned to start in the coming years.

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