Kazakhstan Targets 5 Billion Dollars A Year From "Container Transport"

The government of Kazakhstan said that the container transport within the borders of the country is very important both for their own countries and for the institutions and states that play an active role in the transportation, and announced that they are aiming to earn 5 billion dollars in a year.

Leader Nursultan Nazarbayev, container transport over the borders of his country is increasing 1,8 floor, and these transactions will earn 5 billion dollars per year, he added.

Kazakhstan President Nazarbayev told state television channels in his country that he emphasized the importance of developing Kazakhstan's ties with the world through iron, land and air.

Kazan Nazarbayev, who stated that they support China's Silk Road project of the Far East country, which has developed its economy rapidly, said that 65 has joined the project and they have joined the project with Nurlu Yol (Nurlı Jol) development project.

Nazarbayev stated that railway construction from China to the Caspian is important and continued:

“In Kazakhstan, 2 thousand 700 kilometers of roads have been built on the West European-West China road axis and 2010 kilometers of land have been built since 5. In the five-year period, we will build an additional 4 kilometers of roads. Road and railways will extend from Astana in all directions. We built the railroad to the Caspian Sea on the Chinese border. Why is that? Because we bought Lianyungang port to operate, and they (China) were concerned with passing through Europe and Russia with containers. ”

Underlining the container transport over the borders of the country this year, the 1,8 floor Nazarbayev said, "We will transfer millions of tons of these containers through Kazakhstan and will only earn 5 billion dollars per year." He said.

Kazan Leader Nazarbayev noted that they knew that the Baku-Tbilisi-Kars Railway line was being built, starting from the Pacific Ocean and going to Western Europe through Kazakhstan, and to the Persian Gulf, they built the Kurik Harbor in the Caspian Sea, emphasized that you are important.

President Nazarbayev said, önemli Our articulation with the Silk Road is an important event for the future of our country, the development and growth of our economy. Cumhurbaşkanı

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