First Domestic Tunnel Boring Machine Produced by E-BERK

Tunnel boring machines (TBM) is the first domestic and national branded tunneling machine produced by E-BERK Machinery and Metallurgy Inc.; 3,25 meter diameter, 92 meter long, 800 kV power and 175 tone weight.

E-Berk, the başarıylatürkiye carried out in domestic production produces tunnel boring machines in the world into one country from 8. The so-called “Anatolia makine machine is now successfully tunneling in Çorlu Ergene.

E-Berk attaches great importance to R & D activities and has made the first single-shielded Turkish Tunnel Boring Machine E-BERK E-3301 brand with the support of TÜBİTAK, the Ground Pressure Balancing Tunnel Machine. In addition, the company continues to work on the production of multi-purpose vehicles working in the tunnel and Pipe Pushing Machines.

The main objective of E-BERK is to ensure that approximately 250 million Euro resources are transferred to the tunneling machines abroad each year and to reduce dependence on abroad.

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