563 Million Lira Investment from TCDD to Mersin

Mersin Chamber of Commerce and Industry (MTSO) hosted the Assembly Meeting in August in Mersin Tarsus Organized Industrial Zone (MTOSB). Speaking at the opening of the meeting, Parliament Speaker Hamit İzol thanked MTOSB President Sabri Tekli and his administration for hosting them.

Assembly MTSO mainly in Turkey and the world economy's growth has drawn attention to the importance of evaluating the economics of production. After the Assembly Meeting, the members of the Assembly visited the factories in the region to get information about the works and then came together for dinner.

MTOSB chairman of the meeting in the introduction of MTOSB and MTSO Council Member Sabri Tekli, gave information about the work of the region. Explaining the latest state of the expansion areas, Tekli pointed out that they received very serious demand for the investment and said:

Ir Production is voluntary. Today, interest rates are rising day by day, but the number of people who still say that production will increase. There's some kind of pessimism, but I don't feel it. Our electricity consumption in our region continues to increase. If that consumption falls then I'm afraid. We don't have anything similar to any of the surrounding countries. We love production, we know we have to produce. We know that all our resources are production. Tüm

Sabri Tekli underlined that the growth in the economy is possible with exportation and he mentioned that they expect MTOSB to make the connection of highway free of charge in order to increase exports. For the 22 years, Tekli said that they wanted this connection way. We have always voiced our demand for motorway connection, and we will continue to ask. Her

SAYGILI: N We are working in line with 2023 GOALS SAY
State Railways 6 attending the meeting. Regional Director Oğuz Saygılı gave information about the projects. 12 province from Konya to Mardin 6 2018'da announcing that they are connected to the regions 144 investment in these regions by drawing attention to the 2023 500 12 year to contribute to the export target, he said. Saygılı mentioned the high speed train projects carried out in XNUMX provinces and summarized the ongoing works in Mersin:

Or There is an 136 km railway network in Mersin. 2003 million pounds were spent in this region between 2018-563. This year's allowance was 93 million liras, and the 67 million was spent. The most important part of the High Speed ​​Train Projects is the 67 km between Mersin and Adana. This was also a tender. We aim to complete them all at 2023. Upon completion of this project, we are planning to reduce the time between Mersin and Gaziantep to 2 hours, and between Mersin and Adana to less than half an hour.

At the same time, we have a project of Mersin High Speed ​​Train Station Building. We are planning to integrate with the metro which will be built by the municipality. In addition, Ulukışla and Yenice High Speed ​​Train Project. The work of the project will be in a difficult area of ​​geographical conditions. We are in the final stage of the project. We plan to complete the tender in a short time. Kısa

Oğuz Saygılı stated that the Logistics Center, which was built on the 510 land in Yenice by the TCDD, will be opened in September, and finally touched upon the Tashkent Load Center Project. Saygılı stated that they planned to establish a logistics center on the land area of ​​600 in Tashkent and that they could bring the railway into MTOSB if this project is completed. Respectful, da Continuous OIZ highway connection is spoken, but this is a very important project. With this project, it can be used as an OSB load center in Tashkent. Bu
After the meeting, the delegation made technical examinations in OIZ.

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