Statement by Minister Turhan on Allegations of Crash at the 3rd Airport Apron

The Minister of Transport and Infrastructure M.Cahit Turhan made the broadest assessment of Yeni Istanbul Airport, the author of Yeni Birlik Newspaper, Musa Alioğlu, whose first phase is planned to be launched on October 29. Minister Turhan answered every question, from collapse claims in the apron, to the moving process, from the transportation subtype of the airport to the name studies. Here is the interview of Musa Alioğlu:

“Last week, on August 12, 2018, I got positive and negative reactions to the article I wrote in my newspaper column titled“ I want to ask the Minister of Transport ”. Some friends acted with prejudice saying that the Minister would not answer these questions. However, it never happened as they say. Mr. Mehmet Cahit Turhan, newly appointed to the Ministry of Transport and Infrastructure, made the first and widest statement about Istanbul New Airport after the first press conference. I would like to thank the minister of the Ministry for the important step taken on the road to the open and transparent society, our precious minister sitting with his dust. Thank you. They answered all our questions completely. Now let's look at the answers given by the minister to our questions. The comment is yours.

Question: Wouldn't it be right for you to give an explanation to the reporters at the scene before the press conference regarding the land collapse in the airport area which has been reflected to the press recently? Can you tell us what the real lining is?

Answer: Regarding the Gayrettepe-Istanbul New Airport metro work, which was tendered by the Ministry of Transport and Infrastructure General Directorate of Infrastructure Investments, the pictures related to the subway line M9 truss structure approach shaft are reflected in the press and the region in the pictures in question is east It is located between the west of the apron and the terminal entrance bridge. The place shown here as a collapse is related to the work of the Metro and the metro is the shaft mouth. ”

Question: What do you say to the claim that Vietnamese and other foreign workers are employed in low wages and under adverse conditions?

Answer: A total of 2 thousand 357 personnel from different nationalities are employed in the Istanbul New Airport project. The majority of the foreign personnel have the status of workers and drivers in the operation areas, while the other part is in the level of managers and directors in technicians, engineers, experts and management staff. In order to keep the quality of life of foreign employees at the highest level, works are carried out in the field and the individual and social opportunities of the employees are continuously improved. As an example, as stated in the question, a cook was brought from Vietnam in order to cater to the eating habits of Vietnamese employees working in the construction and to provide opportunities suitable for their tastes.

On the other hand, all employees taking part in the project are provided with social and economic opportunities in accordance with the relevant regulations in force and under equal conditions.

Question: What do you say as the most authoritative authority in the region, claiming that thousands of trees have been cut down, water resources have been dried, animals have died, birds have changed their migration path and ecological balance has been disrupted?

Answer: Although the area where the airport will be built appears to be a forest land, there are mining sites scattered over the majority of the land.

The project area is 7 thousand 650 hectares in total. According to the land uses of the project area; 6 thousand 172 hectares of forest, 180 hectares of mining area, 70 large and small temporary water bodies, 236 hectares of pastures, 60 hectares of dry farming (fallow), 2 hectares of heathland. Approximately 2,47 percent (189 hectares) of the project area is privately owned land. The total number of trees in the area is 182 million 2 thousand 513. He completed his life and became a forest property. kazanThe amount of trees that must be planted is 657 thousand 950. On the other hand, 1 million 885 thousand 391 trees in the age of A and B in the area are trees that can be transported.

Although the authority to cut or move trees belongs to the General Directorate of Forestry, all trees in the project area are in the forest property. kazanRemoval, transportation and similar operations are carried out in accordance with the Forestry legislation as required by the EIA.

The existing biodiversity situation in the area is determined, the transportation of the required species to the appropriate habitats and the examination of ecosystem characteristics of the pits formed as a result of mining activities are committed in the EIA report and the studies are carried out in this direction. Within the framework of the Biodiversity Action Plan prepared within the scope of the Environmental and Social Impact Report, a joint study is carried out between IGA and the General Directorate of Forestry-Department of Afforestation for afforestation activities. Marmara Region which is being prepared by Afforestation Protocol to be primarily or partly damaged trees in natural forests or other appropriate afforestation will be planted in Turkey. Within the scope of afforestation activities, it is planned to complete the works in a total period of 5 years, including 3 year of planting activities and 8 year for each field of maintenance works. Within the scope of the works, afforestation will be carried out in an area of ​​5 thousand ha. In addition, afforestation activities will be carried out in accordance with the United Nations Convention to Combat Desertification and the General Directorate of Forestry Action Plan for Combating Erosion.

In addition, due diligence for the interaction with bird migration routes and monitoring of bird migrations for the 2 year have been undertaken in the EIA Report and bird observation studies have been carried out meticulously.

In addition, the studies carried out by IGA are as follows:

The first studies on both domestic and migratory birds started in 2014 with the Environmental and Social Impact Assessment Studies conducted by Environ. 2014 the second half of the year, bird radar system also began collecting data in the field and is also Turkey's first radar ornithologists (ornithologist) that were grown in the period. At the beginning of the year 2015, a team of 7 ornithologists at the Wildlife Management Unit established within the IGA conducted monitoring of migratory birds passing over the project site and the local bird species in the vicinity of the project. With this full-time monitoring team and monitoring work, the foundations for a reliable and wildlife program of international standards were laid. All these studies are supported by bird radar system. In the second half of the year 2017, the latest bird radar system was procured and placed on the project site. Thus, the Company continues to work with a system that collects detailed data and also performs risk analysis and serves flight safety studies.

Question: Construction went fast, was the transportation to the airport late? Or does the real situation completely coincide with the realization of the construction, which is said to have reached 95 percent? Do you think there is an even bigger difference?

Answer: The displacement of D-20 Highway which is one of the transportation connections of Istanbul New Airport has been realized and opened to traffic. Another road connection, the North Marmara Motorway, is underway and will be opened until the opening date.

Gayrettepe-Airport Metro line project, which will provide airport-city connection, is carried out by the General Directorate of Infrastructure Investments of our Ministry and the project is planned to be completed by the end of 2019. Airport-Halkalı The project is still continuing.

Another connection project that will provide transportation to Istanbul New Airport is the High Speed ​​Train Project and the project is being carried out by TCDD.

1.Step of Istanbul New Airport Project 29 will be put into service on October 2018. 1. Stage over 40 million m2, more than 3 million m2 building indoor area and more than 8 million m2 covered area (asphalt and concrete) are being manufactured and the stage of the project is at 95 level. Consequently, the real situation coincides with the realization of construction.

Question: As the world's largest relocation operation, the 11 evacuation operation, which will be the subject of documentaries and will go down in history, is as short as XNUMX weeks. Hearing from you what is going to happen in the widest and most detailed way will relax the public and stakeholders.

Answer: With the aim of opening the Istanbul New Airport and ensuring that our stakeholders located at Atatürk Airport move to Istanbul New Airport on time and smoothly (ORAT-Operational Readiness and Airport Transfer), with 2016 different commissions, Coordination is carried out with all stakeholders.

Moving to Istanbul New Airport is planned in three parts:

  1. Airport transfer attempts and transportation of elements independent from the instant operation before the opening (30-7 days before the opening),
  2. Transfer of the operation (within 2 days after opening),
  3. Transfer of other equipment independent of instant operation after opening.

· The main route of transport is Yeşilköy-Mahmutbey-Odayeri road.

· As regards the opening and moving day timetable, it was deemed appropriate for all stakeholders to carry out the move in a single move according to the continuous transfer scenario (Big-Bang).

· The relocation process will start at 30 October 2018 (Tuesday) at 03.00, the 31 October will be completed at 2018 (Wednesday) at 23.59 and will last for a total of 45 hours. In this process, the joint airspace capacity of Atatürk Airport and Istanbul New Airport will be arranged as hourly 35 landing-35 take-off, flights will be reduced on the basis of airline organization, 12 will be an hourly process in which both flights are completely interrupted at the same time.

· While planning the transportation, criteria such as the size of the airline companies and whether the base is Atatürk Airport or not, were taken into consideration and it was aimed to prevent possible chaos by carrying out the transportation on company basis considering the air traffic and equipment traffic on the ground.

· In this context, for moving activity;

First of all, the operations of the airline companies whose base base is not Ataturk Airport and the ground handling companies serving them are stopped and moved to Istanbul New Airport (30 October 2018 hours 03.00L-31 October 23.59L),

Stopping the operations of other airline companies whose base base is other than THY (base airport) and Ataturk Airport and stopping the operations of ground handling companies serving them (30 October 2018 hours 19.00L-31 October 2018 hours 18.59L),

In order to move THY and TGS, all operations were stopped at Atatürk Airport in a 12-hour period, and no operations were carried out at Istanbul New Airport (between October 31, 2018 between 02.00L-13.59L),

THY and TGS start operations at Istanbul New Airport after 12 hours (from October 31, 2018 at 14.00L),

5 hours after THY and TGS started operations, the operations of other airline companies that have a base base other than THY (base airport) Ataturk Airport and the ground handling companies serving them at Istanbul New Airport (as of October 31, 2018, 19.00L). )

After these phases, it is planned to start the operations of all airline companies and to fully operate the Istanbul New Airport (from 01 onwards).

· The Turkish and English Relocation Plan was sent to all stakeholders on 22.03.2018.

· On 08.05.2018, the air traffic management procedures and the Moving Plan to be implemented in Turkish and English during and after the Atatürk Airport and Istanbul New Airport have been announced to the whole world.

· The traffic signs were updated with the Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality in order to arrange the Traffic Direction Signs as the “Istanbul New Airport” from the city center points to the Istanbul New Airport.

· During transportation, it was agreed with HEAS to make Sabiha Gökçen Airport's runway closed at night due to construction works.

· Atatürk Airport IATA code “IST” code will be given to Istanbul New Airport, while Atatürk Airport IATA code will be changed to “ISL X on 31 October 2018 at 03.00 (L).

Question: How much will be paid by the DHMİ to the operating company as a passenger guarantee until the end of the contract until 29, when the AHL operator TAV is said to “leave here on 2021 October”? From which source will this payment be made?

Answer: There is no passenger guarantee in Atatürk Airport's current rental agreement.

A great success worldwide kazanWithin the scope of the PPP (Public-Private Cooperation) projects; As a requirement of the sustainability of this model, of protecting the contracts we are a party to until the end of their terms, payment of possible profit losses from the date Atatürk Airport was closed to the end of the 'Atatürk Airport Lease Agreement' until 03.01.2021, TAV Istanbul Terminal Operations A .Ş. has been committed. Because, in accordance with the Implementation Agreement of Istanbul New Airport, it is imperative that Atatürk Airport be closed to commercial flights for scheduled and non-scheduled domestic and international passenger transportation on 29 October 2018.

In this context; The Company continues to work with the Tenant Company, the General Directorate of DHMI, and the consultancy companies of both parties in order to determine the possible profit losses of TAV Istanbul Terminal Operations.

Question: The recent overvaluation of the dollar and euro kazanHow does the cost of this airport affect all accounts related to this airport? Since the commercial areas at the airport are also rented in foreign currency, does DHMI have the authority to make an arrangement?

Answer: In accordance with the Implementing Contract and its annexes signed with the Company in charge, the responsibility for saving the commercial areas belongs to the Company.

There will be no difficulties arising from the exchange rate at Istanbul New Airport. This is because the balances of this project (credit, currency, tariffs, etc.) are arranged in such a way that they will not be affected by the exchange rate.

Question: Will the İGA Consortium's annual rent of 1 billion 45 million Euros, which is delayed for three years and fully supported by the President of the Republic, be paid on the date and will the administration apply any interest?

Answer: The 2018 Euro of 2019 Euro, which is the total rental amount of two years and two months of INA's 2020 / 1.919.840.000 / years, has been postponed to the end of the period. The deferred amount will be paid by the Company to the Administration together with interest + VAT over the deferred period over the long-term Eurobond “Risk-Free Yield Interest Rate belirlen determined by the Undersecretariat of Treasury.

Question: As the Minister of Transport and Infrastructure, you should have an opinion about the name of the New Airport. Is this facility, whose name I think will not be Atatürk, given the name of Recep Tayyip Erdoğan or is the name of Sultan Abdülhamit Han considered appropriate? How about you? Which do you think happens? Could there be another name? Do you have a name in your mind?

Answer: No decision has been made for the name of the airport and the process is ongoing.


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Source: Yeni Birlik Newspaper

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