DAW President Ethem Tanrıver History Silk Road Revives

Built in Erzurum by TCDD, as well as the access to the market engaged in manufacturing and freight bridge between the western and eastern Turkey, leading to a Palandöken Logistic Village June 13, 2018 Deputy Prime Minister Recep Akdag and Transportation, a ceremony Maritime Affairs and Communications Minister Ahmet Arslan attended opening the same day, reviving the north-south corridor through again Erzurum, Black Sea to the east and will connect Southeast Anatolia, Turkey's longest highway carries the distinction of being the tunnel Ovit tunnel our President was inaugurated by Minister Mr. Recep Tayyip.

İp The importance of the Logistics Center and Ovit Tunnel has increased even more through Ipek “

Ethem TANRIVER, Member of the Board of Directors of TIM and Chairman of the Board of DAİB Ethem TANRIVER, who stated that the importance of Erzurum increased with the activation of the Logistics Center and Ovit Tunnel. From Edirne to Kars, there's also connected to the Silk Road over the rail corridor, but also in most of our focus on Turkey's Asian countries. We are at the center of the face of the world, heading to Asia. We want to evaluate this very well. ”

Erzurum, which also takes place in a crossroads, and hence logistics in the transit route for foreign trade combines geographical position as Turkey's western and south to the north and east, TIM indicating that the transfer and trade center of the Supervisory Board and Member of the Daiba Management Ethem Tanrıver, Chairman of the Board; '' Turkey's 2023 target to reach that figure to 500 billion dollars of exports, construction completed Palandöken Logistics Village and Ovit tunnel we hope to make a major contribution by exports to the regions of the province with ingenuity. The relations to be developed with the countries in the region have an important place in the development of Erzurum and regional provinces. from Turkey to the Caucasus, Iran, Central Asia and are likely to be affected directly from any commercial activity in the region for the Middle East. With the development rapidly of international trade and competition in Erzurum the current economic environment increases with each passing day and the rest of the province Our Turkey's eastern borders geographical proximity and these countries extend trade routes production it is located in an area with infrastructure, Turkey's most important leading exporter in the region It is a candidate to be one of its regions. ''

“More convenient goods can be shipped to neighboring countries”

Ethem TANRIVER, Chairman of the Board of Directors of TIM and Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Eastern Anatolian Exporters Association (DAİB), is one of the most important roads connecting the East to the ports, after the Ovit tunnel, which was completed on the Ovit Mountain at the altitude of 2 thousand 640 meters on the Rize-Erzurum highway, was opened. said he would come. In addition, reminding the importance of the Baku-Kars-Tbilisi high-speed train connection, Tanrıver said, “When these are connected, we will have a road connecting the Silk Road to the Ural Mountains. Since logistics and transportation opportunities are an important element of exports, the transportation projects implemented in recent years will increase the trade volume of the region and the city, and the province of the provinces will be connected to the foreign market through the port and will be able to ship goods to neighboring countries more easily. Thank you very much to our government Thanks to the function of the Baku-Kars-Tbilisi line, we will have made the Silk Road more advantageous than it was. Both the Ovit Tunnel and Logistics Village will revive the Silk Road. The development of the transportation infrastructure will always contribute to the development of tourism. ” testified.



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