Opening of Sovereignty Interchange

Mersin Büyükşehir Municipality was launched in line with the Transportation Master Plan and the third big boom project of Mersin, Egemenlik Katlı Junction, was inaugurated. Speaking at the opening, President Kocamaz said, adımlar Mersin has been taking firm steps forward to become a glowing, glaring world city that we have developed more and more every day with its alliance. Açılış

The Mayor of Mersin, Burhanettin Kocamaz, made the opening by passing through the intersection with the vehicle he used. In addition, by President Kocamaz in 30 March 2019 in Mersin, the 2 intersection project will be launched.

Mayor Burhanettin Kocamaz, Mayor of Tarsus, Neşet Tarhan, Mayor of Çamlıkayla İsmail Tepebağlı, Mayor of Mersin TRNC Consul General of the TRNC Ayşen Volkan İnanıroğlu, MHP President of Mersin Province Zeynel Uğur Gölgeli, MHP Yenişehir Chairman of the County Umut Topal, MHP Tarsus District Chairman Ertuğrul Bodur, public institutions and organizations, association representatives, academicians, muhtars and many participated in Mersinli.

”Our Floor Junctions 15 became symbols of brave and determined stance against July betrayal“

Mersin Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Burhanettin Kocamaz, who spoke at the opening ceremony of the Sovereignty Junction, said that when they took office 4 years ago, they started the planned development movement for transportation which is one of the main problems of Mersin. He stated that they have completed the Water and Transportation Master Plans quickly. By canceling unnecessary hubs, making traffic lights smarter and building important intersection projects at the blocked point, they have taken important steps in transportation, President Kocamaz said, lar The names of our Democracy and Sovereignty Interchange projects are not chosen by chance. We have identified the names of both of our intersections immediately after the 1 July betrayal. We wanted that these works which relieved the traffic of Mersin, may be symbols of our courageous and determined stance against 100.000 July betrayal of our Metropolitan Municipality. As our great ancestor has pointed out, sovereignty is indigenous to indifference. No person, institution, community or formation has the right to change a political table in which it is not satisfied by non-democratic means. The worst democracy is better than the best dictator regime. For this reason, we changed the name of Limonluk Junction to Democracy Interchange. Grand National Assembly of Turkey, which is our opening day, we open the service in the kingdom 15 Junction in April. How happy we are. Ne

”Sovereignty Our intersection is a beautiful work of our sense of environmentally sensitive and productive municipality“

Ve Democracy and Sovereignty of the Multidisciplinary Interstate will be a fine example for children as a symbol and the people who pass through these intersections will remind the beauty of democracy which is the most suitable regime in human dignity, ve said President Kocamaz. It is a beautiful work of human-oriented, environment-friendly, productive municipalism based on resource use. The project that we built on University Street will give life to a region that is constantly clogged. This valuable work, which we built according to the Master Plan of Transportation, with a diving and exit length of 570 meters, will provide many benefits in terms of national economy, time and environmental effects. Ulaşım

People from Mersin kazanhe is eating…

In his speech, he talked about the conveniences that the Sovereignty Multi-Storey Junction will provide to the citizens of Mersin and kazanPresident Kocamaz, also talking about the interior, said, “According to the calculations made with traffic simulation programs; Before the project, the average number of people experiencing delays at the at-grade intersection here was 267 per hour. We reduced this number to 62. We reduced the hourly fuel consumption caused by waiting from 1.082 liters to 412 liters, and the number of waiting vehicles from 15.212 to 3.147. Thanks to the project, we achieved an improvement of 77% in the number of people-passengers who experienced delays, 63% in fuel consumption, 90% in exhaust fumes, and 80% in the number of vehicles waiting at the light. Of course, all these improvements are important financially. kazanthey have some. For each year, approximately 9 Million TL, 700 Million 7 Thousand from time, 650 Million 4 Thousand from fuel consumption, 272 Million 22 Thousand from emissions. kazanwill be ours. This money will remain in Mersin's pocket. The angry and angry expressions on the faces will be replaced by a warm smile. This is exactly our aim as Mersin Metropolitan Municipality. He said: "To make the people of Mersin smile, to increase their welfare level and to look to the future with more hope."

President Kocamaz gave the news of 30 intersection to 2019 March 2

President Kocamaz who gave the good news of the new projects at the opening of the Sovereignty Junction, said: UM If God is good, 30 I would like to give the good news that we will realize the 2019 new intersection project until the date of March 2. Mersin is no longer a city left on the shore and abandoned. With each passing day we are developing more and more with the star, shining, glowing, becoming a dazzling world city is moving confidently. In this development, change and transformation, all the people of Mersin have the share, labor, pride and prayer. You will continue to work for the best of the services we support. We will build together with Mersin. On this occasion, I mean that our Sovereignty Intersection, which is very important for our nation, will be opened to April in Mersin. We wish you an accident-free, peaceful, peaceful journey away from time and financial losses, and we apologize for the inconvenience in the construction work. Siz

After the speech of the President Kocamaz'in prayers accompanied with the protocol members of the Sovereignty of the Inauguration of the Sovereignty was held.

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