The Right to Participate in the Train Mechanic Course Organized with the Cooperation of İŞKUR and TCDD Tasimacilik AS KazanCandidates Announced

The right to participate in the train driver course to be organized with the cooperation of İŞKUR and TCDD Taşımacılık AŞ. kazanThe main and alternate candidates are in the attached list.

You are entitled to attend the course before the psychotechnical examination, which will start on April 10, 2018. kazanmain candidates;

1- Obtain a medical board report from any State Hospitals or one of the Official University Hospitals. In the Health Board Report;

a- Vision (right-left eye specified separately)

b- Color inspection (ishihora test),

c- Hearing examination (Audiometric examination should have pure sound average, average of 500, 1000 and 2000 frequencies, 30 - XNUMX dB.)

d- Screening test (For stimulants and drugs, the result must be negative),

e-Blood test results (Sugar Value),

It shall be specifically stated in the reports.

2- Health Board Report will be examined by group determinant (work place physician) from TCDD Regional Directorates (ANKARA, ISTANBUL, IZMIR, SIVAS, MALATYA ADANA and AFYONKARAHISAR) will be identified and required approval will be given.

3- After the medical board report approved by TCDD workplace physicians will be sent to 0312 309 1385 fax number, Psychotechnical Examination Appointment will be taken.


Click here for psychotechnical examination form


The day, time and address of 1-Psychotechnical Inspection appointments will be notified to the candidates by SMS.

For the 2-Psychotecnical Examination, the candidates will also be given the paperwork at the place of the examination.

3- Documents required from the candidates;

a- Report of Health Board to be taken from State Hospitals or Official University Hospitals

b- Sample of Certified Identity Card,

c- Address Statement

d- 2 Piece Photo (last 6 taken per month)

e-Severity Certificate (for male applicants) or military status certificate (to be deferred until the date of 31.12.2018)

f- 2016 KPSS Associate Degree Certificate,

g- Judicial record,

h- Psychotechnical Inspection Form (The attached form will be affixed after filling out the attached form.)

The appointment of 4-Psychotechnical Examination will not be given to the candidates who are not present and missing documents.

5- Those who successfully complete the Train Driver Course and are entitled to receive the MYK Certificate kazanIn case the trainee candidates are appointed to our Organization, they will be employed in our workplaces in Istanbul.

6- Instead of the main candidates who cannot pass the exams, missing or missing the documents, the candidates from the reserve list will be called by SMS in accordance with the above procedures.

Entitlement to attend the train driver course kazanClick here for the main and alternate candidate list.

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