800 Cars Passed by Train Surprised

astonished cars
astonished cars

Karaman said hundreds of vehicles by rail for the first time in Turkey was understood to be a part of this year, starting with railway freight car.

Approximately 800 vehicles carried by train from Karaman continued their way among the confused eyes of those who saw it. Cars reported to have moved from Izmit to Mersin OMSAN, the pioneer of the railway sector, has been appointed by TCDD Taşımacılık A.Ş. After the wagon / locomotive leasing cooperation with the company, it became a reality with its first signing in the logistics sector.

For the first time in our country, automobile transportation started by rail. OMSAN's first train with cars started from Izmit / Köseköy at the beginning of 2018 and continued continuously since that day. OMSAN carries hundreds of cars every time to Mersin / Yenice.

With the project, which is evaluated to create a break in railway transportation, the load of 26 auto transporter will be carried by rail instead of highways. Thus, while commercial purpose cars moved by rail for the first time in Anatolia at the same time, 115 tons per year of carbon emissions obstacle to the release served by being green and clean Turkey will provide an important contribution to the creation.

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