Intense Interest from the Railways

There was an intense interest in the special screening of the LOCMAN film jointly organized by the Association of Railroad Machinists Association (DEMARD) and the Association of the Alumni of the School of Railways (DEMOK).

TCDD Taşımacılık A.Ş. Ege Coordination Manager Habil Emir, TCDD 3 Deputy Director Nizamettin Cicek, TCDD Road Maintenance Repair Service Manager Murat GÜRBÜZ, Material Service Manager Alparslan Kara, Traffic Coordination Chief Mehmet Özalp, Legal Counsel Faik Güler, Halkapınar Vehicle Maintenance Workshop Manager Hasan Ali Çakır , Halkapınar Car Maintenance Warehouse Manager Muammer Karasu, Halkapınar Vehicle Maintenance Motor Warehouse Manager Mestan Dalan, Turkish - Transportation You Izmir Branch Chairman Kazim Sayin, Officer-Sen Izmir Branch President Ahmet Ozdemir, Dekad Branch President Cahit Gurun and many audience participated.

Speaking at the beginning of the show, DEMARD branch chairman Aziz DAĞLI stated that they are satisfied with the intense participation and that our unity and solidarity will never deteriorate even though we leave as TCDD and TCDD Taşımacılık A.Ş. The President of DEMOK, Yakup DEMİR, also thanked the director Şükrü ALACAM, who tells about the troubles and joy of the railroaders and whose work is not with us. Lastly, while the Aegean coordination manager Habil EMİR gave unity and togetherness massages, while the film says that everyone does not hold their tears at the end of the film, which they find something for themselves, they allocate a distress wagon to the traction bureau that has a shortage of space in the existing building. said they would.

Railway Workers Movie: Locman
Machinist Uğur (Alican Yücesoy) is promoted to warehouse chief and appointed to Divriği. He gives wife her husband Handan (Yeliz Kuvancı) and her children the good news that both promotion and lodging have taken place. While Handan hopes to achieve a comfortable life, his children, Burak (İlker Kaboğlu) and Berrak (Nisa Sofia Aksongur) are excited about embarking on a new adventure. When reached Divriği, Uğur remains in the middle when it is found that the residents are not yet released. They must find another solution until the lodging is evacuated. When the problem of full lodging is solved, the life of Alaçam family is darkened by the death of Berrak on the roadway.

Image Director Mehmet Zengin, art director Ahmet Vahapoglu, fiction Arzu Volkan, music by Hasan Yukselir's film, a new beginning for those who left behind, creates a common excitement for rail passengers.



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