High Level of Security at AŞTİ

The Ankara Intercity Bus Terminal Facility (ASTI), which operates within the scope of Capital Transportation and Natural Gas Services Project Contracting Industry and Trade Corporation (BUGSAS) of Ankara Metropolitan Municipality, does not open up an eye for smugglers with its high level security measures.

Audits conducted in AŞTİ seized illegal drinkers, cigarettes and cosmetic products in the capital.

Security personnel, x-ray devices, mobile and fixed cameras held at the highest level of security ASTİ'da, different doors and hours of control of illegally seized a large number of illegal products and materials were seized on the market were seized.


120 security personnel, 200 fixed and moving camera and security and security personnel support 188 for the security of the life and property of citizens.

In this context; Being the most important gateway to the capital city of the city, AŞTİ is also actively fighting smuggling.

With the high-level measures taken, especially kidnapping and firearms, kidnapping incidents have also been clarified.


Security teams suspected of the situation of two people of Iraq in the two separate investigations of the 410 package leaked cigarettes in a carton box after the leak was seized, while in another 40 bottle leakage alcoholic drinks were seized. Again, many illegal cosmetic products were seized by the teams during these checks.

The suspects could not escape the attention of security teams, even though they had hidden illegal materials in their infant overalls. After the leaked products and materials were taken to the minutes, they were handed over to the security forces together with the foreigners.

Günceleme: 20/12/2018 18:15

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