Wind Blows in Ankara Metro

Ankara Metrolarin Music Sound Up
Ankara Metrolarin Music Sound Up

With the support of the Ankara Metropolitan Municipality, the capital cities continue to open their doors to art and artists.

The Metropolitan Municipality allows amateur street artists to perform their art in the designated areas in Metro Stations.


Amateur musicians have the opportunity to make music in Metro stations and Metro wagons.

Kul Foyer Music Group biri is one of the groups playing in Kızılay Metro Station, which is used by thousands of passengers every day.


Capitalists also show great interest in the concerts of the founder of 7, which is one of the students of Hacettepe Medical Faculty,.

The “Foyer Music Group” consisting of Flute Buğra İlter and Ayşe Günsu Çetin, Alperen Yıldırım on the violin, Selin Özyıldırım and Şeyda Betül Fındık, Burak Develi on the guitar, and Yiğit Bilal Uysal on the clarinet are very pleased to perform their concerts at the Red Crescent Metro Art Station due to the weather opposition. expresses with the following words:

“Thanks to the permission and support of the Metropolitan Municipality, we held a final concert at the end of the year. As group members, we have to say that we are very pleased with the interest and interest of the public. We thank everyone who listens and gives the opportunity to the music made by the youth, and wish a life full of art and music. ”

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