Cycling Season Has Started at GaziBis

GaziBis system, which provides bicycle rental service with its stations installed at 7 point in Gaziantep, started new season with new features. In addition to the use of credit cards in the bike rental, it is also possible to use Gaziantep Kart while renting a bike.

You can rent bikes by using your credit card or Gaziantep Card in front of Kalealtı, Old Stadium front, 15 July Democracy Square, Maanoğlu Park (front of Sankopark), Fairytale Park entrance, Wonderland Park and Gaziantep University. .

How can I use the system?

There are two methods to use the system. First, it is possible to rent bikes instantly from the kiosks with all credit cards open to online shopping. The second way is to use your full or discounted Gaziantep Card that has been registered in the system.

How Can I Register my Gaziantep Card?

You can register to the system with all of the full or discount Gaziantep Cards. (Free cards are not used in the system.) Registration process It is provided by entering the "Gazibis> Gaziantep Card and Gazibis Membership" menu of our website.

If you wish to go to Gaziantep Card Processing Centers instead of internet Gaziantep Card can register with GaziBis. Cycling users under the age of 16 must use a card belonging to their families and bicycle users of the 16-18 age group must also confirm their parents' information during online registration.

Where is Gaziantep Kart Is Merkezi?

Gaziantep Card Processing Center is located behind Ömeriye Mosque in the city center. During registration of Gaziantep Card to GaziBis, a copy of 1 pictures and 1 copies will be requested with a form you will fill in our center. Gaziantep Kart'da card filling machine, internet or all the shipments you will make in dealers can be used in the GaziBis system.

Where Can I Buy a Bike?

We have a bike station at 7 point across the city:

Kalealtı (next to the Tourism Information Bureau)
Old stadium as well
15 July Democracy Square
Manoğlu Park (near Sankopark)
Fairy Tale Park entrance
Entrance to Gaziantep University

You can take bikes from any of the above stations and leave them back to any station within a maximum of 24 hours after use.

If the Bicycle Fails?…

In case of any problems you may have with your kiosks during the rental or rental, you can call our 0342 329 45 45 and send a message to our Whatsapp line 0533 784 27 27. In addition to remote support for possible problems, field support is also available when necessary.

Is the System Safe?

Credit card information used in the lease is definitely not saved, and illegal use is prevented by means of the 3D secure system used during payment. In addition, due to the cycling tracking system and camera system, the problems that can be experienced are followed up and possible problems are prevented. The provision for credit card use is automatically returned by banks and in case of use in Gaziantep Card, your balance is fully secured as the system is prepaid.

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