TCDD is Expected to Tender for Extension of İZBAN to Bergama

İzmir Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Aziz Kocaoğlu met with the people of the district in two important events in one day in Bergama. Mayor Kocaoğlu, who opened the modern slaughterhouse at EU standards, completed by the Metropolitan Municipality with an investment of 10 million TL, then attended the distribution ceremony of 122 sheep and goats to 476 producers who completed their training.

Speaking at the ceremony, Mayor Aziz Kocaoğlu thanked AKP İzmir Provincial Chairman Aydın Şengül for submitting the file on İzmir's problems to the Ministry of Transport and criticized him. Stating that Şengül could not make sense of the words "The administrative judiciary in İzmir is under the control of CHP", Mayor Kocaoğlu said, "I welcome you with Teessüf."

Kocaoğlu said that the 52 km section of İZBAN line between Aliağa and Bergama and the projects for the extension of Kınık have been completed. “We are waiting for TCDD to tender for the line. The remaining productions will be undertaken by Izmir Metropolitan Municipality. We are ready. We will connect İzmir from the northernmost to the southernmost by rail system. Our districts such as Tire and Ödemiş will gradually be connected to this system ”.

Referring to the "Pay as you go" system implemented in İZBAN, Mayor Aziz Kocaoğlu said, “We worked hard to establish this system and to make it fair. Is it possible to go between 136 km and 15 km for the same price or not? Is this fair if you go for the same price? If they can answer this question, they will understand what we will do. This system was developed to be implemented in 19 districts. "Short-distance travels will become more economical in the districts where transportation is provided with double tickets today."

New system for district dolmuş
“We developed a system with cooperatives and unions so that they can do their profession. There are some obstacles to the system. We say; Both minibuses go to the same place, and we go. So we provide parallel transportation service. Then our project is as follows: ESHOT will operate the garages in 19 districts on behalf of the municipality and make the management. It will determine and manage the type of vehicles and their timetable. The drivers will be inspected, their clothes will be uniform. We have an obstacle to do this. Since the minibuses do not work with official institutions and do not issue invoices, they do not have work completion documents and cannot enter our tenders due to the legislation. This is a drawback. Our second suggestion is to grant the right of exception to transport cooperatives. I recently told 550 parliamentarians and non-governmental organizations about this issue in a letter. This project should be realized in order not to waste our country's resources and to prevent anyone from being a victim. "

Günceleme: 21/12/2018 16:44

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