Rails in Konak Tram

The last 13-meter part of the Konak Tram line, which is about 50 kilometers long, which is under construction in Izmir, on the Mithatpaşa Underpass, is also completed within a week. İzmir Metropolitan Municipality has reached the final stage in electrification, signaling, road, green area arrangement and traffic safety studies before the trial flights to start in mid-February. The renewed Meles Bridge opens to traffic on Monday.

Another phase of the rail system investments initiated by the İzmir Metropolitan Municipality for a modern, environmental, comfortable and safe public transportation is being completed. Karşıyaka After the tram was put into service last year, Konak Tram also came to an end.

The 12.8 kilometer-long tram project, which is constructed as a double line between Fahrettin Altay and Halkapınar, now includes the latest rails. Only the 50 meter remained at the top of the Mithatpaşa Vehicle Underpass. It is aimed to make the last connection in a week.

Trial expeditions in February
Izmir Metropolitan Municipality, on the other hand on the line electrification, signalization, road, green space regulation and traffic safety studies are continuing at full speed. The trial runs at Konak Tram, which will be located at 18 station, will start in mid-February. Six transformer building, 40 pair of scissors, Halkapınar in the workshop and administration building with storage facilities located in the mansion of Streetcar, then driving test will be to serve the people of Ontario. The bridge will be renewed due to the safety of the building and the bridge will be reopened on Monday.

There is no security on the catenary line
On the other hand, Izmir Metropolitan Municipality Department of Rail Systems in a statement, Konak and Karşıyaka It is reported that the trams are completely safe for the life and property of the catenary system, and that only the protective panels used by the TCDD will be installed in order to prevent foreign objects that may be thrown from outside in the overpass areas.

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