EGO Driver Training

Ankara Metropolitan Municipality General Directorate of EGO continues its in-service vocational trainings that are given regularly every year in order to increase the professional competence of drivers.

With in-service trainings regularly provided by the experts of the subject, drivers are provided with training on many different topics such as basic traffic concepts, safe driving techniques, behavior development, public communication, city security and suspicious packages.

EGO General Directorate, which prioritizes bus drivers to train their professional competencies and equipment before starting their duty, places new employees and drivers still in service throughout the year. Daily 700 and 750 train thousands of EGO drivers responsible for the public transportation of the capital city; theoretical and practical courses including safe driving, bellows bus use and technical information about buses.


EGO General Directorate officials stated that in addition to the existing drivers, new drivers were also included in the in-service trainings and underlined that the drivers should first get successful grades from the psycho-technical evaluation system.

EGO officials stated that the aim is to increase the public transport service standards by the trainings given to the drivers and they gave the following information:

“At the training center, we apply psycho-technical assessment tests to drivers. In international standards, trainings and tests conducted with the simulator control the mental characteristics of the drivers such as perception, attention, memory, reasoning, and the psycho-motor skills and skills of response speed, eye, hand and foot coordination. Tests of the drivers; attitude-behavior, habit and personality traits as well as risk taking, aggression, responsibility, and self-control are also measured. Following a test and examination by psychologists, a report is prepared to see if they are sufficient for the driving profession. After these and similar controls are achieved, the drivers start to serve in public transportation. ”

According to the public transport needs of citizens, the driver's staff is always renewed, indicating that the authorities, retired or voluntarily leaving the profession or dismissed in case of defective people, said that new drivers were taken.



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