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📩 24/12/2018 22:47

The hike that will upset foreign tourists in Bursa! Bursa Teleferik round trip fee is 57 lira for foreign passengers!

Which is one of Turkey's most important tourism centers of winter Uludag exit much preferred the cable car operator in the company's domestic and foreign tourists to a different tariff applies appeared. It was revealed with the photo shared on social media, where the operating company implemented the foreign round-trip category in tickets. Now foreigners have to pay 57 lira to use the cable car while going to Uludağ. Domestic passengers can use the ropeway for 38 liras. This practice has attracted great reactions from many segments.

While the city center snowfall is not seen this year, especially at the weekend, Bursa residents flocked to Uludağ and there is no place to step on the tracks. At the top of the summit, the preferred cableway has formed several meters of queues. However, going to Uludağ by cable car became more expensive than going to Uludağ by car.

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