The Number of Vehicles Registered to Traffic in Sakarya Increased by 8 Percent in 67 Years

Fatih Pistil, who shared the statistical information of the number of vehicles registered to Sakarya traffic by years, said: i 2009 bin 166 is registered to 067 vehicle traffic; In 2017 this figure is 276 bin 639. The total increase between 2009 and 2017 is 110 bin 572.

Sakarya Metropolitan Municipality Transportation Department Fatih Pistil shared the statistical information of the number of vehicles registered to Sakarya traffic over the years. 2009 166 067 2017 vehicle registered with traffic indicating that Fatih Pistil, Fatih This is the end of 276 639 bin 2009'dan. If the total increase between 2017 and 110 is 572 bin 8, we can say that the number of vehicles increased by 67 in XNUMX annually.

8 67 increase over the years
Ya Sakarya has a growing structure. Our population has reached the 1 million band. Parallel to this development and growth axis, the number of registered vehicles increases day by day. In our research based on 2009 year, the number of vehicles in traffic in 2017 increased by 67. In 2009, the 166 bin 067 is registered to the vehicle traffic, while in 2017 this is the 276 bin 639. We consider this mobility in transportation projects we have developed as Metropolitan Municipality. While the new double roads, boulevards are opening, these statistics guide us in order to make the traffic flow more healthy and fast while determining the new transportation axes. As can be expected, the development in Sakarya is an indicator of the rapid growth of the city. 8 110 572 975 2017 276 639 3,5 XNUMX XNUMX While the population of Sakarya is XNUMX bin XNUMX in the number of vehicles in traffic XNUMX bin XNUMX. XNUMX about a person falls into a vehicle, Yaklaşık he said.

All statistics on our table
Pistil also shared vehicle statistics by years; 2009 166 067 2010 175 469 2011 187 110 2012 198 851 2013 211 628 2014 229 500 2015 248 738 2016 258 323 in 2017, 276 bin 639 in XNUMX, XNUMX bin XNUMX in XNUMX. In the light of all these data, we follow the local transportation in an instant. All the statistics about traffic on our table.

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