Osmaniye Düziçi signed a contract for the Düldül Mountain Cable Car Project (Special Report)

osmaniye duzici duldul mountain ropeway contract was signed for the project special news
osmaniye duzici duldul mountain ropeway contract was signed for the project special news

Signatures were signed for the giant plant to be built on Düldül Mountain, located within the borders of Osmaniye's Düziçi. Following the contract signed by Bartholet AG - Grand Yapi Teleferik, the best bidder in the tender held according to the auction method, construction works will start in the coming weeks. Within the scope of the project amounting to TL 58.150.000, this facility will be one of the favorite places of the region with the cable car to be built at the summit of Düldül Mountain, the promenade area and the ski center planned in the future.

Barholet company of Turkey announced by General Manager Ahmet Could it did: Things to ski lifts, ski Düziçi the planned promenade and done will be a very important center of attraction. The facility, which can be visited by approximately 5 thousand people a day, will contribute to the economy of Osmaniye. The Swiss company Barholet, which will bring new employment doors and will offer a very special design for the project that will be a chimney-free factory, is actively working in almost all countries of the world with its similar projects. Ilgaz in Turkey before and stating that success with projects Vadinstanbul Ahmed Erbil, said they would share details about the project soon. The project will be completed in 1,5-2 years and put into service.

What does the project involve?

With the project to be implemented by Osmaniye's Düziçi Municipality and the allowance has been allocated, a cable car and a promenade will be built in the first place on Düldül Mountain in Amanoslar. The big investment, which will be made with the build-operate-transfer model for 29 years, will be transformed into a ski center with the cable car system that will be laid up to the top of the mountain at a height of 2 meters from the district center! With the giant cabins that can accommodate approximately 200 people, the system will be approximately 90 kilometers long, and more than 5,4 people will be able to reach the summit in an hour.

Düziçi Mayor Ökkeş Namlı said in a statement, the summit will set up a promenade area. Namlı said that there will be restaurants, cafeterias and entertainment places in this area, and that they plan to open a boutique hotel with a capacity of 6 in the future.


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