Record Breaking Cable Car Opened in Germany

The cable car, which was established in Zugspitze, the highest hill in Germany, and which has a different quality than its counterparts in the world with its technical features, was put into service. The cable car, which was opened after 3 years of construction, will carry visitors to the Zugspitze Hill, which is 2 thousand 962 meters high.

The cable car, which will organize flights to the highest hill in Germany, was put into service. The ropeway took three years of planning and three years of construction work. It started from Grainau Valley Station near Garmisch-Partenkirchen. Before the first time, Munich Cardinal Reinhard Marx and Regional Protestant Cardinal Susanne Breit-Keler were blessed.

With the longest span of 3 thousand 213 meters from the single carrier leg to the hill with its technical features, the cable car also has unique features with its 1945 meter height difference between the valley floor and the hill. The new ropeway, which was opened for service, will replace the Eibsee Cable Car, which was opened in 1963, which sails to the same terrace.

It was stated that while the old cable car, whose flights were lifted last spring, can carry up to 240 people per hour, this number will increase up to 580 with the new cable car. The ropeway is expected to bring many people to the top during the New Year holiday.

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