Mayor Akyürek: "We Wish The Domestic Cars To Be Produced In Konya"

Speaking at the panel on ğ Future and Attractive Center of Konya olmas panel organized by Mevlana Development Agency and Konya Chamber of Industry, Mayor Tahir Akyürek stated that Konya is proud to be a big industrial city with its variety of production besides being a center of agricultural production in the past. said that they would like to be one of the stakeholders in the production of domestic automobiles as Konya.

Mevlana Development Agency (MEVKA) and Konya Chamber of Industry (KSO) in cooperation with the) Automotive Future and Attraction Center Konya (was held on the panel.

Speaking at the opening of the panel, Konya Mayor Tahir Akyürek stated that the transition to the enterprise in some areas was delayed due to the negative processes experienced in the past century and the automotive sector was one of them. Today, Turkey Akyürek President noted that in many respects from the field take in the automotive industry, "Nevertheless, we did not have a patented production under its own brand car Turkey. We are all excited by the fact that our government, our businessmen and the Union of Chambers have come together with a new formation in this field. Local cars as soon as the road to the municipalities, public institutions as proud to take the domestic car, '' he said.


Noting that the local automobile issue has been in the local agenda of Konya for years, President Akyürek said that they are proud of the Konya industry and said that Konya, which was a center of agricultural production in the past, has become a big industrial city with its variety of production besides agricultural products. President Akyürek said, gurur This is a proud event for our Konya. At the point where Konya is coming today, the industrial sector has a big share at the level of production, welfare level and development level. Maybe our export figures should be even more, but they have great hopes with the development trend from yesterday to today. In our production diversity, we see that the largest cluster agricultural machinery is in the automotive supplier industry. Today, manufacturing companies in the automotive supply industry exports to many countries around the world. It continues the production process of many important brands. This is a serious infrastructure for Konya's automotive investments, Bu he said.


Stating that they want to be one of the stakeholders in Konya in the production of domestic automobiles, President Akyürek listed the reason why the domestic car should be produced in Konya: “Finding a suitable and safe land structure as a land, being a region free from seismicity, the emergence of the way, Hz. The advantages of Konya are the factors such as the presence of a climate of tolerance and urbanization brought by Mevlana philosophy, the creation of a suitable environment for the future domestic and foreign guests, and the ease with which our institutions and organizations will have any kind of convenience. Also to be stuck in the Marmara Region of the majority of the investment industry and the manufacturing sector in Turkey and shifting to other regions in terms of investment and the creation of strategic regional diversity makes it almost essential. As Konya, we are proud to host such a large investment with all of our institutions and organizations. We invite such a big investment in Konya. Böyle


MEVKA Deputy Secretary General Savaş Ülger said, yapılan Both our country and our city, especially in the last 15 years, our studies on R & D, technology and engineering started to bear fruit and as a result of our production capacity of automotive spare parts, 85 to produce high value-added products in the automotive industry has become a part of the world giants. A wide range of production infrastructure R & D and technology investments, trained manpower, logistics superiority, taking into account the characteristics of the central location of our city is a step forward among the cities where the domestic car will be produced, eki he said.


Turkey Investment Support and Promotion Agency of Turkey Mustafa Rumeli Investor Services Department, noting that they attached great importance to the automotive industry as an agency, "our agency we take the automotive industry as a priority sector. In order to increase investments in the automotive sector and to make our country a center of attraction, we carry out important works. In order to solve the problems of the sector and remove the stones in front of us, we need to work more hand in hand with the sector, increase our cooperation and coordination in order to be successful and competitive in the global sense. Sektör


Konya Chamber of Industry President Memiş Kütükcü said, olm When our country realizes this project, it does not only produce automobiles but exceeds a threshold. The automotive sector is a very engaging, highly inclusive sector. Turkey's step to be taken in this regard will transform Turkey's wholesale industry and this industry is very important to improve the technological capabilities of the leading sector. Therefore, these cars are produced out of the way of Turkey's accumulated technology, sustainable innovation and design capabilities in a way which is very important in terms of the increase. Konya is not preparing this project today. Konya is preparing for this project years ago. In these conferences, we continue the future of the automotive industry, the future of the future and the infrastructure of the preparation of Konya for the future of this sector. Biz

After the speeches, the panel titled Genel Future and Attractiveness Center of Automotive ün, moderated by Osman Sever, Automotive Industry Association Secretary General, was adopted.

Panel Kıraça Holding Board Member Jan Nahum, Turkey Investment Support and Promotion Agency of Kagan Lightning, Frost and Sullivan Consulting Company Director for Turkey, Melih Nalcıoğl and System Global Consultancy Chairman joined Hussein Karslıoğlu.

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