Mayor Yılmaz: 'There must be a flight between Odessa and Samsun'

📩 19/12/2018 16:59

Ambassador of Ukraine Andrii Sybiha visited Samsun Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Yusuf Ziya Yılmaz at his office.


Mayor Yusuf Ziya Yilmaz expressed his gratitude for the visit and thanked Ambassador Andrii Sybiha and said that they would like to make direct flights between Samsun and Ukraine and said ri Odesa and Yalta are the cities of the world. I went to Yalta and Odessa at least three times. I tried to establish a sister city relationship. I spent a lot of energy to develop these relationships. Relations between countries are based on mutual interests in the shrinking world. We should not be unilateral in our relations. Our businessmen should build mutual partnerships. Our welfare only rises. Building a good future goes through mutual relations. We try to increase the export of both countries. A plane from Samsun Airport descends to Odesa in less time than it descends to Ankara. We can make direct flights between Odesa and Samsun. We are making direct flights between Novorossiysk and Russia. We can build the same relationship with Odesa. We can negotiate with an airline in Ukraine for direct flights. Over the next few years, we can achieve a very good job, including airway connections. We dare. We are ready to put forth these efforts with you. If you are ready to trade with Ukraine, we want to develop tourism, Ukrayna he said.


Ambassador of Ukraine Andrii Sybiha in the Hearing Impaired Olympics Deaflympics 2017 thank you for the interest shown to Ukrainian athletes, it We do not speak the same language, but we agree with the heart. I would like to thank you for your interest in our athletes at the Olympics of Hearing Impaired. You're the mayor of 4. I'm honored to meet someone with such an experience. Although we arrive very early in the morning, we're not tired at all, the weather in the city itself is spectacular. The chairman of the Black Sea Association of Ukrainians also established a friendship bridge between Ukraine and Samsun. I thank you for your support in the establishment of the association. We have to come together with the business world in Samsun to better promote Ukraine. I think it is very important to develop the inter-regional economy. More than one million tourists came to Turkey from Ukraine. We can work together to increase this number further. Bu

The visit ended after the exchange of gifts.

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