First step was taken in İzmir for minibus boarding

Izmir Metropolitan Municipality is preparing to launch the pilot system of the new system developed for the inclusion of minibuses in the public transportation system from Seferihisar. President Aziz Kocaoğlu, who held a meeting with the minibuses in the district, said, birinci Our first priority is not to play with your bread. As a municipality, we don't compete with tradesmen carrying public transport. Yapan When the system starts to implement, ESHOT will be drawn from the line on which the minibuses work. The fare will be cut by the mileage account.

Continuing its efforts to integrate into the urban public transport system, vans Izmir Metropolitan Municipality, Turkey will be the first "piloted" the move to start from Seferihisar. Izmir Metropolitan Municipality Cagan Irmak Culture Center and Seferihisar minibus shopkeepers were invited to the meeting, Izmir Metropolitan Mayor Aziz Kocaoglu'nun, as well as Izmir Chamber of Tradesmen and Craftsmen Union President Zekeriya Mutlu, Izmir Chamber of Drivers President Celil Anik and Seferihisar Minibus Automobiles and the President of the Chamber of Drivers Ahmet Acar and the Secretary General of the Metropolitan Municipality. Buğra Gökçe and ESHOT General Manager Raif Canbek also attended.

“We will not compete with trades“
In order to ensure full integration in public transportation by adding minibuses to the boarding system, Aziz Kocaoglu, Mayor of Izmir Metropolitan Municipality who said that they are looking for a long time and they have formula, said: için For the 30 years, we have tradesmen who have been doing this profession for years. Once our first priority is to not play with the shopkeepers. As a municipality, we do not compete with tradesmen carrying public transport. Our duty is to protect your rights rather than ourselves. If we're going to do business to put our heads in front of us, we're not in this. You have labor in the history of this city. Tomorrow, this effort, experience must be evaluated, "he said.

There will be no ESHOT on the minibus line
Oğlu When we start to implement the system, ESHOT will be taken from the line where the minibuses work. The fare will be cut by the mileage account. He fires the wrong mistake, the profitable business fires the lucrative job. We will set up a new system. I recommend this system as your mayor. If necessary, we can go through it again, present our ideas and improve the system further. I've done many firsts, agreed by consensus. I've never squeezed anyone's nose until now, thank God, nobody blew my nose. 'Cause I'm always the guy who screwed the needle myself. Çünkü

Thanks to the shopkeeper
Zekeriya Mutlu, the president of the Union of Chambers of Izmir Craftsmen and Artisans said that they are working on integration project with Izmir Metropolitan Municipality in order to provide a better service to the city. Mutlu said that a trial study will be done in Seferihisar, "We want this integration," he said. Seferihisar Minibuses Automobile and Driver Room President Ahmet Acar also thanked President Aziz Kocaoglu for his support and contributions to minibus tradesmen.

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