Sivas New 4 September Stadium Overpasses

Sivas Municipality, which facilitates transportation by opening new roads to the new stadium of Sivasspor, which is the most important brand of the city, is now working with TCDD 4 Business District Directorate, and with the project being carried out by Muhsin Yazicioglu Boulevard overpassing the stadium area.

The pedestrian overpass is designed to facilitate access to the new stadiums, shopping centers and schools in the Kümbet area. There are three elevators in the project for the disabled citizens to use easily.

President Aydın, who visited the stadium overpass with members of the press, gave information about the project.

Noting that the feet were completed in the overpass project, President Aydın said, proj It is a project that we think is very important for both stat and schools and also for other institutions and organizations in the region. Sivas is a project that the public, especially the sports community, attaches great importance to and demand. We are carrying out this project together with our 4 Management Directorate. Really want to finish this project very quickly, especially before the big matches. 23 The first Besiktas match is seen in Sivas in December. Our goal is to complete this overpass in November. The overpass was planned by considering the conditions of Sivas. Üst

The headman of the Seljuk district is Abidin Bal; ”I would like to thank all those who contributed to the services of the neighborhood, especially the Mayor Sami Aydın.“

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