The old overpass in the car was disassembled

The old overpass in Arabayatağ was dismantled: The Ankara road was closed to traffic yesterday due to the installation of the overpass of the Arabayatağı overpass and the removal of the old overpass within the scope of the Bursa Kestel line.
The overpass with lift built in 2009 caused the 3 lane road to fall on the 2 lane due to the construction of Bursaray Kestel line.
The overpass, which also caused traffic accidents from time to time, caused traffic disruption. As a result of the construction of the new overpass by the Metropolitan Municipality, the existing overpass was dismantled yesterday. As a result of the work carried out during the day, the dismantling of the overpass was completed and the road that was closed at 06.00 in the morning was reopened at 18.00 in the evening.

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