Full Pink Trambus on First Day

Pink ladies special TRAMBUS for the first time that we realized in Malatya in Turkey at the beginning of the new academic year began on time

Demonstrating a great example of courage in Malatya, Trambus System in spite of all the campaigns against the Mayor of the Metropolitan Mayor Ahmet Cakir, stance and stance in a strong stance in line with the people's demand for the Pink Trambus project has implemented. On the first day, a great demand for pink trambus, the passengers also received full marks. The ladies of the ladies who took the pink trambus from their drivers said that they felt special and thanked the Mayor of the Metropolitan Municipality Ahmet Çakır.

Pink Trambuses were given full marks on their first day

Le What do you want to say about the Pink Trambus? Uz is a woman passenger who says la First of all we feel special uz to the women traveling with pink trambus. Uygulama very nice application. We feel more comfortable. We don't want to travel on chopped cars with men. I would like to thank our dear mayor for the implementation. Ediy

Students traveling on the Pink Trambus expressed their satisfaction with the application and said that et they do not have any force to ride this vehicle and those who want to travel with other vehicles may not prefer the pink trambus but prefer to travel with this vehicle.

Malatya, which is worthy of everything good Arzu named a student, said: şey I just came from Elazığ. This is my first day. I was surprised to see such an application. But I'm very pleased. I gave my family phone information about this application. They said that they would pray for the powers that initiated the application. Ere

"I do not know of another example of Turkey's provinces it has, however, been far from over. With this practice, we can see how much our municipality is valued by us. Ava The student, Saime, referred to the previous years and expressed the hope that the days when they entered a moral examination after a early morning trip on cramped vehicles had the hope of being left behind; Az I hope those days don't come back any further, and another friend doesn't have that kind of situation. I would like to thank all the people who contributed to the project and contributed to the project. Proj

One of the passengers used by a chauffeur and all passengers are female, saying that the vehicle is the privilege of traveling with one of the passengers who thanked the authorities for the application.

18 Pink trambus, which will make an 8 voyage from September, took its place in the public transportation of Malatya.

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