Turkey's pride Eurasia Tunnel engineering doymuyor awards

The Eurasia Tunnel, which connects Asia and Europe for the first time with a two-storey highway tunnel passing under the sea floor, provides fast, economical, safe and comfortable transportation services between the two continents and was awarded with lighting designs this time. The Illuminating Engineering Society of the US Lighting Engineers Association (IES) awarded the Aydınlatma Architectural Lighting Award 2017 ras to the Eurasia Tunnel for its contribution to lighting design.

With its advanced technology and advanced engineering applications with Turkey's pride, the most important mega projects in Eurasia Tunnel construction technology continues to receive international awards in various fields. Finally, the Eurasia Tunnel Operation and Maintenance Building, which is environmentally sensitive, and the ed Leed Gold Certificate verilen awarded to sustainable energy and environment-friendly buildings around the world, has added a new international award this time.

IES Architectural Lighting Award 2017

The Eurasian Tunnel box office designed by the world-famous architectural lighting company Skira and architectural lighting applications in the tunnel were awarded the lighting design award in the United States. The Illuminating Engineering Society of the US Lighting Engineers Association (IES) received the Eurasia Tunnel for the “Architectural Lighting Award 2017 nedeniyle for its contribution to lighting design.

LED Lighting Technology Used

In the Eurasia Tunnel, various applications were made to improve driving comfort and increase road safety.

In addition to the LED road lighting used throughout the tunnel, special stepped LED technology was applied to enable users to easily adapt to the tunnel and daylight at the entrances and exits. In addition, the project is kept at the forefront of aesthetics, architecture, applied for the first time in Turkey while increasing driving comfort with LED lighting, a new icon has been brought in Istanbul.

IES Architectural Lighting Award in the field of lighting 2017, which has been awarded to 9 Eurasia Tunnel since construction. It was an international award.



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