Samsun-Sivas railway to be opened by the end of 2018

Modernization work continues rapidly on the Samsun-Sivas railway line, which was closed to train traffic in September 2015. TCDD Samsun Operations Manager Kokuroğlu said, "The carrying capacity of the line will have increased at least 5 times."

2015 year has passed since the renovation of the Samsun-Sivas railway line, which closed in September of 2. Work on the modernized railway line continues at full speed. The Samsun-Sivas railway line, which was closed to train traffic for 3 year, is planned to be opened to traffic in September of 2018.

Studies about FOLK newspaper reporter Kursat located in Gedik explanation Republic of Turkey State Railways (TCDD), Samsun Business Manager Hasan Kokuroğl, "the railway line between Samsun-Sivas entered the renovations at the end of September 2015. In addition to the 402 km railway line extending from Samsun to Sivas, we also have a 35 km Çarşamba line, but this line is currently closed ”.

Operating Manager Kokuroğlu, who gave information about the renovation works covered by the European Union Grant Funds, said, “Samsun-Sivas railway traffic will be managed by signals. Our aim is to provide a healthier train traffic within the scope of the modernization project ”. Stating that a work schedule of 32 months is implemented according to the normal business plan, Kokuroğlu said, “Renewal of the road and completion of modernization will be done within this period. As of September 2018, the railway is planned to be operational. “Now the construction continues for 24 hours”.

TCDD Samsun Operations Manager Kokuroğlu continued his statement as follows; “At the end of the construction, the carrying capacity of the line will have increased at least 5 times. Since this line is a conventional line, an annual average of one thousand million tons of freight movement to Samsun in freight transportation is carried out over this line. Samsun is a city that has the potential to become a logistics base due to its highway, railway and maritime transport. The most important logistics pillar that adds added value to Samsun is the railway. In addition, as a result of the renewal of the line, our mutual Samsun-Sivas passenger Express train will be commissioned. Due to our speed and comfort, our passenger trains will have a profitable train operation. The real income of our road is in the load capacity. "

TCDD Samsun Operations Manager Hasan Kokuroğlu said, “Samsun-Sivas railway has nothing to do with Samsun-Ankara High Speed ​​Train Project. His project is progressing rapidly for 24 hours, ”he said.

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    1. After the opening, Samsun-Batman-Siirt and Samsun-Mersin trains should be taken in addition to the Samsun-Sivas Train. This second I said connects Russia with the Cyprus' Railway-Seaway alternative.