Kardemir Receives a Certificate of Authorized Responsibility from the Ministry of Customs and Trade

As a result of his application to the Ministry of Customs and Trade, Mr. Kardemir has been entitled to obtain an Authorized Responsibility Certificate given to only large and reliable institutions in our country (in order to benefit from the rights and facilities provided by the authorized mandate status of the 4458 numbered Customs Law under the 5 / A article) .

Prior to the ceremony held for Eastern Mediterranean Customs and Trade Regional Directorate, the General Manager Ercüment ÜNAL and Purchasing Manager Harun CEBECİ, Regional Director Musa AYDEMİR, Regional Assistant Manager Alaattin BAŞAK, Branch Manager Semra POLAT and Trade Facilitation Branch Chief Kadir Savaş ÇİFÇİ Has exchanged mutual information on the advantages of the Authorized Obligation Certificate to our company in customs procedures.

In the customs procedures to be carried out, the company was presented to Ercüment ÜNAL, General Manager of the General Directorate of Eastern Marmara by Musa AYDEMİR at the end of the certificate ceremony, which will provide time and cost savings with the fast transition from the customs by subjecting it to less control and priority.


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