Kardemir to produce wagons

KARDEMİR A.Ş. General Manager Fadıl Demirel stated that they will start producing wagons for DDY and that Karabük will be the center of the production of railway materials.

I think that we have taken very serious steps in accordance with the requirements of General Manager Demirel Çağın. In the statement he made to journalists saying that we are now seeing a change in terms of both capacity increase and quality increase and administrative activities. "There is always a fact of a company that moves forward, see now, for the last 2 years, a very shaky process has been experienced and it has been set out to be a calm, targeted, success-oriented KARDEMİR from this difficult process," he said.

General Manager Fadıl Demirel corrected ourselves by taking positive steps within a very short time by stating that the entire KARDEMİR Family will be in a happier, prosperous, disciplined and self-sacrificing working environment. It is now an integrated point filled with the feeling of family that loves its factory in order to live. It was my longing to come to this understanding. I have done this step by step and we continue on the way. I am very proud of these developments. Let me give you some information about the developments. We manufacture TDDY, including high speed train tracks. Only we are the only manufacturer in the region Turkey is not anymore. Only in the region, including the Arab countries, the Turkish Republics and the North African countries, only we can produce rails. We have to use this trump well. Already our rolling mills are a modern enterprise capable of producing heavy and medium-weight profiles. Our biggest advantage is the production and quality of ore. We are both a rail manufacturer and also a truss manufacturer. Of course, our new project, which we are working on and will start producing in 2012, is a separate complex, now it is a very serious production product in the wagon, let's underline that, now we will go through this production briefly, KARABÜK KARDEMİR will be the center of production for every item for DDY.

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