Warning symbols for level crossings of Akçaray tram line

In the crossroads of the Akçaray tram line, which was recently put into service by Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality, horizontal sign symbols and stimulating checkers are carried out by the Department of Transportation. In addition, the tram line adheres to the heat distances close to the tramline, the horizontal approach of the tram is placed warning symbols.


Tramway horizontal approach warning symbols are placed by the Metropolitan Municipality teams in order to draw attention and warn the drivers of the intersections at the tram crossing. Along with these symbols, stimulating checker works are carried out with double component paint on the inside of the rail track of the intersections. With these works, it is aimed to draw attention when drivers start to approach tram line.


The symbol of the metropolitan municipality and the quality of the materials used in the painting works are taken into consideration. The materials used are checked beforehand, and the tests are done.


In addition to painting and symbol works at tram junctions, the signaling system is active. The red light is on for cars when the tram approaches the junction at a distance. After the passing of the tram, the green light is on and the traffic continues for vehicles. In this way, it provides synchronization between rail line and highway line.

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