TULOMSAS can produce national tank engine

Eskişehir Chamber of Commerce (ETO) President Metin Güler stated that they wanted the engine of the Altay Main Battle Tank to be produced in Eskişehir.

ETO President Metin Güler made an assessment regarding the production of the domestic engine of the Altay Main Battle Tank, which was built with national means. Reminding that Eskişehir is the city of firsts, ETO President Güler said that Eskişehir, which produced the first domestic locomotive and made the first domestic automobile, could also produce the domestic engine of the Altay Main Battle Tank. The contractor (Turkey Locomotive and Engine Industry Inc.) and TEI (TAI Motor Industry Corporation) cooperation in Altay main battle tank could be made of local engines save ETO President Metin Guler, all kinds of Eskisehir for this infrastructure and stated that he has technical equipment.

TEI and TULOMSAS can be produced easily in cooperation

Metin Güler, President of ETO, who recently announced that TEİ manufactured the engine of Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV), said: un The industrial culture of Eskişehir goes beyond 100 years. Today, Eskişehir 300 is the leader in the production of aircraft engines, with exports exceeding $ 1 million. Our aviation companies are the partners of the world's leading aviation companies. Again, in the production of the locomotive engine TÜLOMSAŞ 'experience and cooperation with the world's leading companies is evident. If Turkey will produce the engine of the tank should be the city it will do the domestic production of Eskisehir. If TEİ and TÜLOMSAŞ join forces, domestic production can easily produce tank engine. Because both of our organizations are making significant investments in R & D and innovation. Hundreds of engineers and technical staff within the structure of these institutions have sufficient technical infrastructure. With this in mind, Eskişehir has the desire to produce the engine of our domestic production tank. As long as our state elders trust Eskişehir. Eskişehir will produce the domestic production tank engine successfully, Esk he said.



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