CevizliThe pedestrian overpass at the Metrobus stop was renewed

One of the most important passenger transfer centers in Istanbul CevizliThe vineyard pedestrian overpass was renovated.

The teams affiliated to the Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality Road Maintenance and Infrastructure Coordination Department brought a more durable and aesthetic overpass to Istanbul with the revision works they applied. kazannagged.

IMM teams striving to provide better service to the people of Istanbul, Cevizlivineyard located at metrobus station CevizliThe vineyard has completely renovated the Pedestrian Overpass. Due to adverse weather conditions and heavy traffic in the existing decks and stairways, bad images caused by ground distortions and decay in time have been rehabilitated.

The iron parts of the bridge were completely painted. Obsolete and dirty windows were removed and the pedestrian overpass was made more modern. After the painting under the bridge, the exterior of the bridge and the stairs were completely covered with aluminum composite exterior material.

Polyurethane based waterproofing was applied to the walkway and stairs in order to prevent re-rusting of the bridge. With this system, it is aimed to prevent the rain water from being lost to the concrete and iron and to be removed from the passage. The channels that aim to collect the rain water on the bridge are lowered under the bridge with rainwater expenses and this way the water is discharged. It is aimed to create a more aesthetic image which is sustainable, easy to maintain and not affected by vibration by modular rubber laying on insulation.

Mega City for the first time CevizliThis system, which has been tried in Bağ-Yaya Passage, is ensured to be more modern with the renewal and rehabilitation processes of pedestrian overpasses planned for all overpasses which are steel and concrete within the borders of Istanbul.

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