IMM to Organize 'Islands Transportation Workshop' on 28 August

ibb agustosta islands transportation will organize
ibb agustosta islands transportation will organize

IMM, President Ekrem İmamoğluIt will organize the "Adalar Transportation Workshop" in order to bring permanent and sustainable solutions to the transportation problems in the Islands. The problems of the people of the Islands and their visitors will be discussed at the workshop to be held in Büyükada on 28 August.

The workshop will focus on the transportation problems in the Princes' Islands and the road map will be determined by the cooperation of Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality (IMM) and Adalar Municipality. All stakeholders will meet to develop common and deep-rooted solutions to the demands of the islands and Istanbul. Phaetonmen, Adalar residents, non-governmental organizations, animal associations, universities, opinion leaders and all other related institutions were invited to the workshop.

One of the most important metropolises of the world with its historical, cultural, economic and strategic structure, the chronic problems of Istanbul have been addressed one by one. In this workshop, to control the urbanization pressure for the destruction of natural and cultural values ​​in all planning activities related to Istanbul and to integrate these values ​​with today's life within the framework of the balance of using protection.

28 will be held at Büyükada Anatolian Club in August and the workshop will be allocated for the transportation of the guests. The participants will be able to reach the sessions between 10: 00-17: 00 with the V Workshop Ferry acak which will depart from Karaköy and Bostancı piers.

The opening speeches will be made by Ibrahim Orhan Demir, Deputy Secretary General of IMM in charge of Transportation and Environment, Erdem Gül, Mayor of Islands, and Mustafa Ayhan, Adalar Governor. In the sessions, which will take place in the form of group works to bring permanent solution suggestions, Intra-island Public Transportation, Pedestrian Transportation Bicycle and Battery Powered Vehicles, Animal Rights and Environment, Islands Logistics Systems, Transportation between the Islands and Mainland and Tourism and Recreation will be examined under six titles. All stakeholders will meet at the same table to protect their natural and cultural riches. The workshop will be organized under the leadership of IMM and Adalar Municipality. community organizations will participate.

Adalar Transportation Workshop sessions will be conducted by academicians and executives who are experts in their fields. Professor Dr. Haluk Gerçek, Professor Dr. Alper Ünlü, Professor Dr. Murat Aslan, General Director of City Lines Sinem Serhan Dedetaş, Prof.Dr. Dr. In the sessions where Mehmet Ocakçı will serve as a moderator, the transportation of Adalar will be evaluated in all aspects.

Adalar, which connects its residents with passion, and admits those who visit them, has hosted many famous faces from Nazım Hikmet to Halide Edip Adıvar and Ziya Gökalp. Today, many writers and artists like Elif Şafak, Ediz Hun and Lale Mansur prefer to live in Adalar. Adalar Transportation Workshop, which is expected to contribute to the opinion leaders living in the Islands along with the people of the Islands, will conclude after the closing session after the final declaration.

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