Foreign Bayraklı 3 Thousand Ships Passed to the Turkish Flag

Foreign Bayraklı 3 Thousand Ships Passed to the Turkish Flag: The Minister of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications, Ahmet Arslan, after the regulation that lowered the VAT rate to 1 percent on yachts, cottages and boats that will pass the Turkish flag and zeroed the SCT, the foreigner bayraklı Stating that 6 thousand out of 3 thousand boats have passed to the Turkish flag, he said, "We expect all 6 thousand boats to pass to the Turkish flag in the near future, we are equipping our seas with crescent and stars. said.

Minister Arslan, said in a statement, as a government that they attach great importance to maritime industry and provide all kinds of support for the development of the sector, he said.

Underlining that important steps have been taken for seafaring in the past 14 years, Arslan stated that the sector has been providing fuel support without SCT, and that Turkish shipping has improved significantly with the support for sea transportation and the facilities provided to the manufacturer.

Arslan noted that before the AK Party rulers came to office, the Turkish maritime sector was on a black list, and that the Turkish maritime sector was listed as a white list with a variety of arrangements and carried it to a respectable position.

  • “We invested 3 billion dollars in the ship industry”

In the 14 annual process, 3 has been invested close to $ 1 billion to the ship industry. Arslan said:

“Today, our ship industry has reached an economic size of approximately 2,5 billion dollars annually. The maritime trade fleet has grown over 2003 times compared to 4, from 8,8 million DWT to 28 million DWT. Turkish maritime trade fleet grew 110 percent faster than world maritime fleet on DWT basis. Currently, Turkey is among the world's top 15 in terms of tonnage in the fleet size of the country. "

Recalling that since 2004, fuel support has been provided to the sector without SCT, 12 billion lira SCT has not been collected in the 5,8-year period and that sea transportation has been supported in this way.

  • “Great support to those who passed the Turkish flag”

Minister Arslan, the maritime sector, as well as work on the growth of the Turkish-owned ships in the Turkish flag to make arrangements for the transition said.

Turkey in the Turkish territorial waters and the marina is owned Arslan stated that 6 thousand foreign-flagged vessels plying, of attracting foreign flag vessels for different reasons said they made arrangements to ensure the transition to the Turkish flag. Reminding that the last arrangement that would make the Turkish flag attractive was published in the Official Gazette on 27 January, Arslan said:

“With the enacted law, besides the regulation of customs duties, the reduction of the VAT to 1 percent, exemption from all taxes, duties and charges such as SCT, stamp duty, import tax, and without any time limitation, the Turkish owners of the boats flying foreign flags are We have met an extremely attractive opportunity. Transition formalities and bureaucracy have been greatly simplified and facilitated. After the said regulation, a very rapid transition period was experienced. According to the statistics of the sector, around 6 thousand Turkish-owned foreigners bayraklı As of today, 3 thousand of them have crossed the Turkish flag. We expect all 6 thousand boats to pass the Turkish flag in the near future, and we are equipping our seas with crescent and stars. "



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