Announcement of "Over 65" Removed in Buses and Subways in Ankara

“Above 65 Years Old” Announcement Removed on Buses and Metro in Ankara: The “Over 65 years old” announcement made by the device during the use of the cards in the public transportation vehicles belonging to EGO General Directorate of Ankara Metropolitan Municipality and replaced by “beep” sound The Ombudsman, thanked the EGO General Directorate for their letter.

Some citizens who used free free cards over the age of 65 in municipal buses and subways convey their information announcement to the Parliament Ombudsman when they read their cards, and after the Agency negotiated with the EGO General Directorate, The announcement was removed and replaced with "beep" application.

Following this development, in the letter sent to the EGO by the Authority, the following statements were summarized:
“The applications made to our Institution regarding the '65 years' or 'over 65 years' announcement made by the electronic card reading device in urban public transportation have been positive as a result of the sensitivity of your Agency in the solution of the issue. In line with the relevant legislation, a friendly solution decision was made. Thank you for your sensitivity to the solution of the problem. ”


EGO General Directorate officials also said that while providing public transportation services by bus and rail systems, the demands and satisfaction of all passengers are also taken into consideration. In this context, the authorities stated that citizens over the age of 65 who use free cards in EGO's public transportation vehicles convey their discomfort from the information announcement to the Blue Table and Ombudsman Institution and said, “The age of '65 "The information announcement was changed with a single" beep ", taking into account the sensitivity of our citizens."

EGO's public transport services, according to the principles and principles specified in the da Free or Discounted Travel Cards Regulation, bil emphasizing that the free card types and the reasons for justification are given in order to prevent irregularities such as travel information instead of someone else. they are used to indicate.

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