Ground Handling Costs From Fuel Airplanes from Yunuseli Airport

Ground Service Fee Will Not Be Taken From Airplanes Receiving Fuel From Yunuseli Airport: Accommodation and ground service fee will not be taken from aircraft that take fuel service from Yunuseli Airport.

In accordance with the contract signed with Petrol Ofisi at the Yunuseli Airport operated by BURULAŞ, Jet A1 and Avgaz sales were started for the planes visiting the airport. Jet A1 and Avgaz sales from Yunuseli Airport are the same as Yenişehir Airport prices, while Petrol Ofisi's standard prices are sold. Aviation schools and aircraft that provide the necessary conditions are given fuel without excise duty at the same time, fuel and Yunuseli Airport accommodation and ground service fees will not be taken from the aircraft.


  1. Attention to the authorities of Burulaş Just like the dolphin airport, there is an airport in the west of Ankara that used to be a THK facility and that amphibious passenger planes could use with very little investment. If this airport is put into operation like a dolphin, it sees a very serious need of Ankara. Here, Datca Bandırma, Haliç flights from places such as fully charged. I suggest you contact the managers in Ankara immediately.