Turkey has marked the International Transport Forum

Turkey was marked by the International Transport Forum: Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications Minister Ahmet Arslan, "Today we hit our mark as Turkey, the International Transport Forum. We can say that with pleasure. " said.

Minister Arslan visited the stand opened by the Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality at the fair organized within the scope of the forum, after his speech at the International Transport Form (ITF) 2017 Annual Summit held in Leipzig, Germany, on the global connectivity panel with transport ministers. Yusuf Akçayoğlu, CEO of İGA Airports Construction, accompanied Minister Arslan during his visit.

Arslan in the assessment to reporters here, said that Turkey made its mark on the ITF 2017, "I can say with pleasure that. As both the country and the ministry, we explained our position regarding what we have done so far, what we want to do and our future goals. " he spoke.

Turkey's Armstrong projects in the field of transportation voicing told the forum, "Istanbul Metropolitan our municipality (IMM) along with the Marmaray including that took place in Istanbul, the rail system what we reveal the name of making life easier integration and Istanbul with one another, more importantly, as soon as simultaneously performing many projects Due to our being, our Metropolitan Municipality will also receive an honorable mention here. He made his mark on this issue, too. " used the expressions.

"The 'build, operate, transfer' model is now known worldwide as the Turkish model"

In addition, Arslan said that the new airport in Istanbul was explained at the main session attended by transport ministers.

“Of course, we know their size, but in an environment with so many ministers here, it was very important to bring them back to the agenda on an international platform. And more importantly, moderators, especially in Turkey 'do, operate, transfer' to describe the model and the ministers of where he wants in açıklamaydı''This able to apply them in their own country, we attach great importance to it. Because you need the Ministry of Transport in Turkey, both the Ministry of Health, Ministry of Energy in particular should not do, operate, transfer "model with the applications they're very successful. And the "build, operate, transfer" model that we, as the Ministry of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications, realized at airports, roads and sea ports, is now known worldwide as the Turkish model. "

In today's talks do, operate, transfer "model that of the agenda and Armstrong voicing wonder the details of this model," we emphasized them in particular, and we said in Turkey 'do, operate, transfer' should aim of the modeling project of social benefits, as well as add value to the country projects that we have put forward and realized in order to create. He spoke in the form.

Minister Arslan, almost all countries of the world in Turkey 'do, operate, transfer "model that watch with envy and projects carried out by stating that they requested information on behalf apply in their own countries, he said:

“Previously, during the ministry of our Prime Minister, we had presented and explained both the method, the difficulties encountered and how we solved these difficulties in the projects we have realized with the 'build, operate, transfer' model in many countries. We have expressed these again here today. I would like to express again gladly, ıtf'y to Turkey was marked. As this country, it made us happy and proud as the people of the country. "

Minister Arslan, on the other hand, held a bilateral meeting with Ukrainian Infrastructure Minister Volodymyr Omeljan.



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