Kocaoglu, there is SCT on public transportation but no yachts

Kocaoglu, there is excise duty on public transportation, but no yachts: Izmir Metropolitan Municipality 2016 annual report was approved in Parliament. Criticizing the VAT on public transport to be 18, Mayor Kocaoglu said, KDV This is not true! Public transport to municipalities, municipalities have no SCT for the establishment, but there is no SCT on yachts. What does the yacht do, what does the ESHOT bus do? What is this job? Does this have any logic? The central government takes back some of the budget it has given to metropolitan municipalities in terms of SCT and VAT in transportation. Therefore, all the public transport institutions are harming. Bundan

The “2016 Annual Report” of Izmir Metropolitan Municipality and ESHOT General Directorate was accepted by majority vote in Izmir Metropolitan Municipality Council. Speaking after the vote, Mayor Aziz Kocaoğlu said, “Until today, I have acted in accordance with the law in all matters and I have not left any work unfinished. You may not expect a revolution, but we are a natural revolutionary. We are progressing by making a revolution in the direction ordered by our Great Leader. We invest in rural areas, we see this fact and help our mayors without party discrimination. We are colleagues. We provide all kinds of support as much as we can without leaving any parties. Our projects are desired to be implemented in different cities; we are happy with it. Just as our school milk project starts in İzmir and is implemented by the government, other works we do are taken as an example by other municipalities. ” spoke in the form.

90 revolution in minutes
Underlining the fact that the 90 minute transfer system in transportation is a es revolution in public transportation çiz, Mayor Kocaoğlu said, ”Look at where you are unobtrusive, 90 minute transfer system is a revolution. Li It is a social project in transportation which enables our citizens with low income and fixed income to stay in their jobs and schools at the most economical prices. Merkez The Mayor of Izmir Metropolitan Municipality responded to the criticisms that ESHOT has suffered.

E There is no ÖTV on the yacht, it's on the bus “
Ir ESHOT takes the tools, looks at the workshop, buys vehicles, trains drivers, develops a system of collecting money, operates the bus and carries our fellow citizens. ESHOT is a business. There are operating expenses. As a capital, it uses only and only buses. 18 of VAT on public transport .. This does not sound right to me. Public transport to municipalities, municipalities have no SCT for the establishment, but there is no SCT on yachts. What does the yacht do, what does the ESHOT bus do? What is this job? Does this have any logic? Central government, the metropolitan municipalities, the budget, a portion of the money transferred in the transportation of SCT and VAT is taken back. Therefore, all public transport institutions also suffer. Yapan

No transformation in the Bostan field
Mayor Aziz Kocaoğlu said that building a building in Alsancak and demolishing the building in the same square meter instead of urban transformation, but replacing an old house, said yerine This has nothing to do with urban transformation. Well, if you build a building in a flat field, do housing, make a mall, if you build a hotel, is this urban transformation? No! The land is to do building. In Karabağlar, what is the construction that was laid down as urban transformation in empty land last week? To make housing in Bostan. I wish that. If these apartments, dwellings, real estates, 540 hectares will be given to people in the area where the urban transformation risk is declared, and if a distribution will be initiated, we can consider it as a preparation for urban transformation. If these regions are to be transformed into high and distorted structures and non-roads due to the increase in density, we are not there. We have initiated an urban transformation in which urban transformation is done without compromise, all of the deeds have been taken over by the Metropolitan Municipality, it is a guarantor to both real estate owners and the contractor, and both sides have an understanding that protects the right and distributes justice. The urban transformation project carried out by the Izmir Metropolitan Municipality may be small in quantity, but it is the most qualified urban transformation in terms of road, method, justice, protecting the right of the citizen, whatever criteria you see. İzmir

İZBAN output
Stating that he made all kinds of sacrifices for the development of the rail system network, President Kocaoğlu said, “We have invested 1 billion 913 million liras in the İZBAN project so far. We are partners with the government in İZBAN. If there was no Izmir Metropolitan Municipality, if we had not taken the responsibility, this project would not have been possible. I signed an agreement that will not be signed. I'm paying for it, but I'm sending İZBAN to İzmir. kazanwe nagged. Izmir Metropolitan Municipality is trying to do its duty perfectly to develop the city as much as the laws allow, in order to be worthy of this city and its citizens. We have brought a different perspective to the municipality for 13 years. It is local development. Izmir Metropolitan Municipality has purchased the rail system at 11 km, under all conditions, with its own power today. Karşıyaka 139 km with the end of the tram line. With the commissioning of Selçuk İZBAN line and Konak tram line until the end of this year, the rail system network will find 180 km. ”

Fairs are dedicated
Trade established in Gaziemir Izmir and also refers to the fair supports Mayor of Turkey, this recalling is the largest and most qualified fair to manufacture the receipt of the land in the center of organizations of all kinds financing meets theirs, "finally he was born an important work. Izmir Metropolitan Municipality, together with IZFAS, the survival of this fair, the marketing of our products in our region and our country to the world, the growth of service sectors; We use all kinds of support for the development of hotels, food and beverage venues in the legal framework until the end. In this case where our country is located, it is a matter of bringing the 700-800 shoemaker from abroad and from here. But by self-sacrifice, it is by showing any sacrifice. We are doing this for our city, for our country. In 2017, we will be carrying out even bigger projects even faster. X

Annual report with figures
In the annual report of the last year of the previous strategic plan period, detailed information was given about the works carried out by the Izmir Metropolitan Municipality in 2016.
2016 billion 4 million TL of the 2 billion TL expenditure made by the Metropolitan Municipality in 659 was allocated to projects and activities. When the activities carried out by İZSU and ESHOT are added, the total annual expenditure reached 4 billion 262 million liras. In addition to these activities, in 2016, a total of 56 million TL financial support was provided to the projects of district municipalities.

The most prominent performers of the 2016 year of İzmir Metropolitan Municipality were listed as follows:

229 million TL was expropriated.
The works for the Izmir Metro line at Buca Metro are being completed while the Narlıdere Metro is under construction.
The extension of the İZBAN line to Selçuk was approached.
178 passenger ship and 4 passenger car ship with 2 million pounds in total 16 ships were delivered.
Buca Butchers Square and 150 underground parking lot has been opened. Construction works of Alaybey and Türk Koleji Parks continue.
With the arrangements in Doğuş Avenue, a parking area of ​​100 vehicles was created.
The Intelligent Traffic Management System is expanding every year. This year the 30 junction was included in the system.
Work is underway to take part of the road underground on Mustafa Kemal Sahil Boulevard.
1 million 350 thousand tons of asphalting work was carried out in asphalt, surface coating, lime stabilization and paving stone production.
While the 445 km plain road was paved, the new bicycle path was built at the 13 bin 900 meter.
66 million 700 thousand TL for upper and lower passage of highways, 88 million 700 thousand TL for maintenance and repair activities for infrastructure works, road infrastructure
and 67 million 800 thousand TL investment was made for the superstructure and superstructure works.
Coastal design studies are offered for the use of the citizens, together with new areas that are completed every year. 2016st stage of Bostanlı in 1, Bayraklı 1st stage, Yeni Foça and
Studies at Sahilevleri have been completed.
In the 1st phase of Uzundere Urban Transformation Project, buildings started to be built. Construction works are starting this year in Ege Mahallesi 1st Stage and Ornekköy.
7 million 300 thousand flowers, plants and trees were planted and 210 thousand square meters of new green space were planted in the city. kazanyelled. Aliağa-Kalabak, Bornova-Larch, Villakent and Örnekköy afforestation areas have been completed.
Animal Shelter and Animal Cemetery were built in Seyrek.
The Social Life Campus has started to serve with its versatile use capacity. This project has an important role especially as it sets an example for social municipality.
Smyrna (Agora), Foça, Erythrai, Tepekule, Yesilova Mound, Teos and Klaros excavation work was provided financial support 3 Million pounds.
The number of points with free Internet service was increased to 30, including the central locations in the surrounding districts.
The Milk Lamb Project has reached tens of thousands of children and milk is distributed to refugee children.
Material support was provided to the 437 amateur sports club, and a thousand 723 schools were given sports equipment.
4 thousand 380 students with limited access to sports were given sport training.
117 600 73 new vehicle was purchased in the scope of the expansion of the fire truck fleet with the investment of XNUMX thousand pounds.

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