General Director of TCDD Transport Inc. Kurt met with the provincial organization of the company

Kurt, General Manager of TCDD Transportation Inc., met with the Provincial Organization of the Company: Veysi Kurt, General Manager of TCDD Transportation Inc., held a meeting in Kars with the Company's Sivas Coordination staff to evaluate the Company's activities with the liberalization of railway transportation and the start of freight and passenger transportation process in a competitive environment. .

1 January In the meeting held with the provincial organization of the Company, which started its activities as of January 2017; Sivas Regional Coordinator Sonmez Sefercik, Sivas DEMARD Branch President Gultekin Boyunegmez, Erzurum Branch Officer Necati Mutanoğlu, ISF Erzurum Branch President Yusuf Gokcen and retired railroaders of TCDD General Directorate also joined.

Kurt gave information about the process of joining TCDD Taşımacılık AŞ as a new actor in the railway sector.

It is necessary to open new horizons with new projects in order to improve the service quality; Emphasizing that the world has changed and adapting to this change is inevitable, Kurt said: kayd The world's 11. compared to South Korea, which is the largest economy, we are far behind. However, it is not believed that the success of these countries is not achieved. I see this excitement in all our employees. ”

With the measures taken and the projects implemented, the income / expense coverage ratio improves with each passing year. After five years, Kurt pointed out that it is possible for the company to make a profitable profit. The annual 25 million tons of cargo transportation and 50 million passenger transportation, road maps are ready for extraction.

Sönmez Sefercik, the Coordinator of Sivas, expressed the feelings of the personnel in the provincial organization; He expressed his satisfaction with the company's first staff meeting and wished that their goal was to make today better than yesterday, and tomorrow better than today, and that the restructuring would be beneficial to our country, the sector and the Company.

TCDD Transportation employees who expressed their opinions at the meeting; Stating that they believe that the company is on a good path, they will continue to work hard to serve passengers and customers in the best way; they wished the new process would be beneficial.

A model consisting of works representing Kars' cultural and historical texture was presented to Veysi Kurt, General Manager of TCDD Tasimacilik.

After the meeting, Kurt visited the workplaces in Kars, Sarıkamış and Erzurum and received information from his colleagues.

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