Cable car line in Bursa goes to the city center

In Bursa, the cable car line goes down to the city center: With the 9-kilometer line extending to the Hotels Region, the world's longest non-stop cable car line reaches Bursa. kazandıran Metropolitan Municipality is nearing the end of the new project that will bring the cable car down to Gökdere Park. Metropolitan Mayor Recep Altepe stated that the tender process is about to be completed and said that after Gökdere Park, Gökdere Metro Station and Setbaşı stops, Teferrüç can be reached in 4 minutes with a 7-kilometer line that will extend to Teferrüç.

Continuing its investments in the rail system, new roads and road widening, bridges and junctions without slowing down in order to eliminate transportation problems in Bursa, the Metropolitan Municipality brings the overhead lines together with the urban traffic. By renewing the existing cable car, it reaches the Hotels Region, and thus, the longest non-stop cable car line in the world, with a 9-kilometer line, to Bursa. kazandıran Bursa Metropolitan Municipality is now lowering the cable car from Teferrüç to Gökdere Park in the city center. Within the scope of the project, for which the tender has been made and the process continues, the cable car will descend to Gökdere Park after the Setbaşı, Gökdere Metros Station stop from Teferrüç.

7 minute journey
Under the project, a ropeway station will be built Gökdere Metro Station, providing information about the project, Mayor Recep Altepe, the project is described as a dream for many years approached the implementation phase, he said. Expressing that the tender was made and the process is continuing, Altepe said, Başkan We do whatever we can to solve the traffic problem. At this point, by upgrading the existing ropeway, we reached the Hotel Zone with the 9 kilometer line. Now the cable car goes down to the city center. Teferrüç, Setbaşı, Gökdere Metro Station and Gökdere Park stations will consist of approximately 4 kilometers from the Gökdere Park Xnumx minute journey to reach Teferrüç. So no longer the residents of Bursa and the outsiders will not have to go to Teferrüç to get on the cable car. Those who come with vehicles can leave their vehicles in Gökdere Park, and those who use the metro will be able to ride the cable car from Gökdere Station. The tender was done, the process continues. Approximately 7 million TL will cost the project as soon as possible to implement in the next year, we want to put into operation, Yaklaşık he said.

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